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  1. Silly me. I actually tried fixing things at my end. Then I remembered BF4, BF3, Bad Company 2, etc. Here's hoping they get it straightened out before launch. As for the game, I was on the fence with this one. I thought they went back one to many world wars, but the few games I have played has me hooked.
  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Just played on it really. Battlefield mainly. I think I have spent maybe an hour watching Netflix and watching some clips on UPload. Because of this Im going to have to up my Internet package to 250GB plan, which will be an extra $70/month. Last month I got dinged for $46 overage costs. In the first 4 days of this billing cycle, I have already used 23GB.
  4. No streaming and no change in habits of usage. The reason I think its the Xbox one is that the increase started the day I got the One.
  5. Since getting the Xbox one my bandwidth usage has over doubled. In the last 6 months my usage has been anywhere from 63 to 89 GB with an average of 73 GB/month. I had the One for the last 9 days of my billing cycle and in those nine days alone I used roughly 100 GB. Of those 100, 45 was for games I downloaded, but that still leaves 55 GB. So at 55 GB/ 9 days, I'm looking at 189 GB a month. That's only if I don't download games. What is it about the one that eats up bandwidth?
  6. Got connected. Had to reset my modem. Don't know why, but it worked.
  7. I keep getting the message "You have lost connection to the EA Servers". I have launched the game a couple of times and nothing.
  8. Not sure if you have given it all way yet, but I could use some.
  9. Hey Covert. Have you noticed it's always the same group of people that take the off topic threads off the deep end?

  10. I apologize to anyone that were making mature post and have good discussions, but this thread has now entered the twilight zone. Closed.
  11. Get educated son. This is the group "claiming" to have done it. They are not even claiming to have control of the servers. They "claim" they launched a DDOS attack on them. Basically they overwhelmed the servers and shut them down. They can not get CC info from a DDOS attack. Its people like you posting BS that get everyone in a big panic and all scared someone is going to get their CC info. And like I said, when and if Anonymous does it, it will probably be another DDOS attack. If it is more, their beef is not with the members of xbox live, its with MS. If you want to talk about an actual Anonymous Op, talk about this one. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_D_zvizzKA]#OpJustice4Rehtaeh Statement Anonymous - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gEC6E3Obrk]Update Anonymous statement #OpJustice4Rehtaeh - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Anonymous has tweeted that they were not involved. They have stated in the past they were going to in protest of Megaupload being shutdown. So when and if they do it, they will make a statement saying they did. Edit: I should add to that if they do hack it, they won't be after anyone's accounts or credit cards.
  13. Personally I dont see the problem with someone stating the only want a gaming console. I use my console 99% of the time for gaming, so I just want a game console. It doesn't mean I am against them adding more features. It just means I want it for a gaming console.
  14. Urban myth. Its just like the Cinnamon Challenge. You can't do it and people just laugh at you if you try.....I don't know this from personal experience or anything and has NOTHING to do with Pants obsession with it.
  15. Damn it. That bribe cheque bounce again? Probably for the best. I don't have enough chap-stick to be super mod. Congrats guys.
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