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  1. Thats awesome, does anybody know if this works with the ps3 demo as well my 360 is MIA at the moment with E74
  2. yo dude, i cant find the baby chocobo code, but ill definetly continuing looking. Ill send you a message if I find it.

  3. It may be your first guide and its appreciated but theres already a good guide for this game and its already been stickied so making this is pointless lol
  4. Sweet im bored of my skateboard prop and the RC car will be awesome.
  5. I found this achievement really easy, the achievement i found really difficult was the destroy 20 cars in one derby. but i found an easy way to do this you go on the destruction derby bowl with the car with the grenade launcher and just hold the weapon button until you until 20 you'd be suprised how quick it mounts up i got 24 doing it this way.
  6. GT: xxI BL1TZ Ixx My favourite was Final Fantasy VIII because i like how you could level up the GF's on it. and it was just pure awesomes.
  7. Nice one mate certainly better than someones previous attempt lol.
  8. Yeah i already had loads points on my account so was like meh its only 1200MS lol.
  9. Its a pretty cool game just boosted all the online achievements with one of my mates so im gonna be on for the 200/200 for it soon in-between final fantasy XIII lol. The only thing i hate its the steering on it, its dreadful and inverts when your driving down the screen wtf is that about lol. Overall id say 7/10
  10. its not chapter 9 thats still on disc 2 i think its chapter 10 it changes over to disc 3.
  11. Yeah i figured that out a few days ago but just thought it was a glitch in the game.
  12. Id almost done it he literally had maybe 10000HP left which considering my sword with lightning does 5000-7000 but he'd cast doom on me a few turns back and just as i was about to charge to take the last shots the doom counter run out. not happy
  13. to be honest im not surprised if you open up a super elite they've gone back to the original design and got rid of the gpu heat pipe which is totally stupid so im not surprised its goosed already should of just got a normal jasper 360 they are the most reliable out of all 360's.
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