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  1. Its probably to keep the flow of movement going.. what would be more annoying? trying to run away from gun fire by using SMART, then theres some idiot thats just standing in the way stopping you mid vault, and resulting in your death. or just going right through him and avoiding death?
  2. All together pre-orders or just the ones right now? Bcos i seriously cant be bothered to list every game i have ever pre-ordered, the list would go on for ages.. So i'll just list what i have pr-ordered atm. Brink (x2) Gears of War 3 And i'll pre-order these asap.. Rage Beyond Good & Evil 2 Rainbow 6 (insert title) Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
  3. So you seriously didnt know Microsoft take a long time to test patches and dlc before they ok its for release? Try knowing what your talking about before you go on a rant, and make your self look stupid
  4. 2x black (old elite) 1x black (new slim) 1x red 1x white 1x MadCatz MW2 pad 1x Street Fighter fightpad 1x GH LP Guitar 1x LE Halo pad with factory error figure (sealed) And in june i'll have a SF fight stick
  5. So we have to wait all this time for Microsoft to test a patch before they release it, and when it finally arrives it doesnt work? Good job Microsoft
  6. Why would i kill a downed team mate for -20xp when the enemy only gets about 10xp from killing him? I know i wont be team killing anyone one purpose.
  7. All of those "reasons" are completely redundant if its virus like in 28 weeks later or worse. All those relate to the traditional zombie.. Im talking about a more modern version of zombies.
  8. Always is a long time.. In reality, they will be shut down eventually.
  9. You dont know that?! Some day the military/scientists could make some sort of virus that makes people turn into some sort of zombie. IMO a senario similar/like that in 28 days later is very feasible in the future
  10. All sorts of bugs and stability issues.. And it will be in prep for the new dlc thats coming soon
  11. Click on the link and you'll see more pics... I want that house!
  12. Yeah ive come across a few places that have the light and dark spike traps.. but there was never a spider near them.. i'll got to the underground and have a look if i dont get it while playing normaly.. Thanx for the info
  13. The last one of the 3 mentioned acheevs i got was the kill 6 enemies with 1 beam shoot.. I got it in the room where your given the beam shot. I was just testing out what it did on the jellyfish that hovered above me, and "pling" i got an acheev Dont know where i am by name.. i just know im at a Giant Spider Boss i havent come across a place where i can kill a spider with spikes yet.. i must have missed something...lol
  14. Do you not understand the concept of how game of the year works? A shitty game from 2009 with easy acheevs is not GOTY material
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