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  1. Ah you see the note was what confused me. I had already done all the missions and picked C. Maybe add that if you pick C, the note does not apply Thanks for the reply and clarity. Much appreciated mate. Your initial effort and subsequent followups do not go unnoticed.
  2. One question I have not been able to find the answer to. Why is the Epsilon achievement missable after the main storyline has finished? I've done all missions and just finishing off the 100%. So far the Epsilon is going ok I just have to locate two more vehicles. Am I wasting my time since the 100% can never unlock now?
  3. I did manage to let one person die I picked up. Was the girl from the car crash. I picked her up in a golf buggy. Not the fastest vehicle. I did replay that though by going back to that spot later but my guess is that is the issue. The game is just not recognising that.
  4. Well I'm past 55% in the game, so I've obviously completed pretty much every story related mission except the last 20 or so. The first hitch lift, it was the girl who was in a car accident. She died on the way back to her place. So I had to redo that. Maybe that is the bug. Perhaps the game is just not realising a few hours later in the game, I found that same girl and this time, I completed it. I am trying to remember how far into the game that bit is.
  5. Unfortunately I think it is bugged for me. I've so far picked up a girl in a car crash with a dead body next to her, a drunk couple and a fella tied to a lamppost on his wedding day. Not once has anything popped up nor is the icon visible on the map. Even driving up there and finding the place with someone in the car with me did not open the gates. Just seems bugged.
  6. Or you can just not get the email about Altruist Camp from Ron lol. Like me. That's 5G I am never getting until Rockstar fix the game and even then, I am not restarting that single player campaign again anytime soon! I suspect this bug is going to become rather widespread because I know far more people who didn't get that email than those who did.
  7. Any idea what you have to do to get the email? I have yet to receive the email and am over 50% of the way through the game.
  8. I can't get Ron to email me about the Altruistic Cult. So I am screwed. Taking bail bonds up there didn't even get the gate to open. The icon is not on the map either. I can find it but the gates are shut.
  9. If your CD drive is one of them loud annoying ones, you can install the second disc to a USB drive and play from that. Just putting that out there.
  10. I solved the issue by deleting all updates, deleting the game and then reinstalling and then downloading the updates again. I carried on with my save ok from then on. Before I could not use the scrolls. Just use the bumper buttons and it should work ok. I tend to hotkey my scrolls and then select them that way.
  11. I cannot for the life of me work out this problem I am having with Oblivion. I've finally decided to play Oblivion some six years and another gamertag later. All was going well until I hit Aleswell and found out everyone was invisible. So I go to get the reverse invisibility scroll and the ring from Ancotar. So far so good but I get back to Aleswell and cannot read the scroll. It does not let me do anything with it despite wearing the ring and having spoken to every single person in the village numerous times. So I went away and came back to it a couple of days later some ten hours on in the game. Still no luck. Is there a minimum level to read scrolls? Or is this a broken game now? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I fixed it by deleting all cache. I tried veteran again and same issue. I figured ok drop to recruit and suddenly not only did it work but I got veteran achievement because I started the level on veteran even though I played through that last level on recruit.
  13. Has anyone else has an issue with the campaign mode on the final level judgement day? Upon getting to the control room, there are no enemies in there for me. Not a single one. Both side doors are sealed and thus I am stuck. I've reloaded from the start of the mission, done it differently and it just does not work. I've done it on veteran all the way and now at the final hurdle I cannot even progress.
  14. I do very hard just to make it harder but no, easy is best for achievement chasing.
  15. An 8 simply because it is too short. Fabulous game but one you can finish in a couple of days. On my 3rd playthrough already and then I will be done with the game for good once I have the achievements.
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