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  1. I put the code in and everything. Do i need to be past a certain mission or what. I checked the locker, my gamestop,gun is in there but not my harpoon.
  2. I played for 2 hrs. And not a single thing popped. I transfered my character and played the prologue and not a single thing popped. :/
  3. Hey, i played every AC to date and i only get a rank of 5?! I got all cheevos for AC II which was a bitch. I may contact ubi in a day or two. To see if they get their shit together. This game focuses on initiates on the companion app too much. Its almost a sickness when you have to play a app for about 5 hrs total to get 1 costume -_-
  4. Just killed a person with a lift got nothing. Completed sequence 1 and 2 nothing. Bullshit. Fix it microshit.
  5. But really on the negative side the frames dip below 30 all the time. Insane.
  6. Ok they give the one last year which was better than AC III a 75 and now this year a 75. Wtf man. Shoulda gave AC III a 60 then lol. I swear if rogue gets higher then unity im done.
  7. Guys it said install on usb i click install and it just goes pack to ready to install. Do ya get me now? Its not about downloading it or the install times. Its the glitch i just said above. The code they give me is 0x80070070 Think i got a solution. Have atleast 20 or so GBs available and then put your new game on there when its done installing move it to the usb. GENIUS!!!!
  8. Nvm. I just unstalled a game. Gave me space on the main hard drive. Im gonna move sunset over to the usb and re install the game on my hard drive. Pain in the Mother Fucking ass. Xbox really did take a step back.
  9. Okay. I put in my DLC codes and shit blah blah. Go to put the disc in try to install it and it says port to my usb i click yes and it goes back to pready to install. Can you guys help me im having a fit because of the laggyness on xbox plus stupid shit that never happened on 360. Please help.
  10. Well some people like me actually do things lol. I don't have time to grind. lol. And I can bitch all I want @m1yid this is a achievements website you know.
  11. How do you have all that shit?! I haven't gotten 1 exotic or legendary. But I have all blue gear
  12. Exotic and legendary. Not just plain old gear. Legendary and exotic.
  13. Just look at the list. Have full exotic and legendary armor and weapons at once. And it's so grindy! I could see over 100+hrs on that achievement. Bungie pls. And the raids are also crazy. Will never 1000/1000 this and imagine the DLC achievements
  14. I like loot games with friends. And if you like loot games it's a 9/10! I'm trying not to be biased and just trying to make points lol. It's like watch dogs. Good game but wayy too overhyped.
  15. I know lol. I said half that which is $150. people on eBay sell it for like $300!
  16. If I gave it a score it would be... 85/100 or 8.5 I just don't get the hype. It gets boring unless you play with friends which everyone doesn't have lol. It's a more linear borderlands. Borderlands lets you explore and such. Destiny requires you too do blah blah this blah blah that. And I know there's a free roam mode. I don't get the hype for these loot games. If you play lone wolf like me they're boring as hell. This is why I hate diablo, League of legends, WoW, Dota. Also the ghost edition isn't worth $300.00 not even half of that. The ghost figure is nice I think it has a steelbook and the expansion pass is also nice. But all the other shit is just.... shit! Last thing before I'm done, I couldn't see myself playing this for more than 3hrs even with a buddy. 4hrs with a Raid party maybe. Rant over.
  17. You can see the clips on my profile. I die sometimes for no reason it says killed by....and the weapon he used was..... And hell I even saw a vibrating tree. But this game is fixed right?
  18. This game is a Pos. You know it's a POS when you have to make a second version to test patches. Game just sucks. Having put 200hrs on this i know what I'm talking about. I'm barely hyped for hardline. I'd rather play Cod AW anyday over bf4. And the new cod actually looks fun IMO. I'm just bored of FPS now. I hate games lie WoW and League. Sports games are the same thing. The only games that could save it is Open World games like far cry and GTA. Tell me you thoughts.
  19. They don't "have it" hot juicy pie pre ordered his on AUG 30 and I did it on AUG 18 Bullshit
  20. It's chips and soda. Diabetes really? Hey I live my live eating the things I want because, (I don't mean to sound hip or so some crap) you only live once.
  21. I hated ghosts. Hated Mw3. BLOPS 2 was ok. The last 3 cod games have been LACKING. I don't care if this is set in the future and it's a "titanfall clone" atleast Cod can be addicting I can tell you that! I just wanted it to go back to Cod 4 WaW and MW2. just remaster those games for XB1.
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