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  1. Alright I'm out. It turns out I was way busier this month than I thought I would be and didn't finish anywhere near as many games as I wanted. But I'm alright with (hopefully) 6th place. Congrats to everyone else, some of you really killed it.
  2. Gamertag: Comedic Griffin Games: Defense Grid: The Awakening (8 points) Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (7 points) Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut (7 points) Super Time Force (7 points) Goat Simulator (5 points) Tacoma (1 points) The Gardens Between (1 points) D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die (7 points) Tomb Raider (6 points) Jetpack Joyride (5 points) Battlefield 4 (4 points) Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (7 points) Bioshock Infinite (6 points) Kinect Fun Labs: Mars Rover Landing (8 points) Total: 79 points
  3. Forum Name: bateboyback Gamertag: Comedic Griffin P: Verified
  4. GT: Comedic Griffin Game: Red Dead Redemption 2
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