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  1. does the off topic post not count or something? I've posted many time but it says i have less that that.:confused::confused:
  2. what are some of your thoughts on 343 taking over halo and what they have done to it?
  3. it seems i'm the only one who reads his books around where i live. Any others out there?
  4. the 360 still has many of sales and still many games in development for it. Why make a new xbox when 360 is still cruisin
  5. its morbid i know but i just finished watching 1,000 ways to die 5) starve to death 4) fall in a volcano 3) freeze to death 2) raped by Sandusky 1) eaten by wild animals what are your worst ways to die??????
  6. which is your favorite? i prefer little ceasers
  7. getting my first car soon, i looked for many but still don't know. I plan on spending 3 grand and down...
  8. can bench over my body weight but i still like to eat junk food:blurp
  9. There was once an ugly barnacle. And we was so ugly everyone died. The end.
  10. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071107054646/fzero/images/2/27/Blue_Falcon.jpg
  11. 1. spongebob 2. simpsons 3. family guy 4. jackass 5. fast n loud
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