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  1. I didn't buy it, I only tried it. Actually I tried many games but didn't buy any yet, if it is available for trying and works on WP8 then it is a game that is for both WP7&8, right?
  2. There are some games in my WP8 that you guys did not list. I want to ask just about The sims medieval, does anyone have it?
  3. Ok so this time my dad went to vodafone, and he told me they fixed it. But now it's even worse, on the top left it's written H instead of 3G plus it's still not working Also the camera photos quality are not as high as it says on the Internet, can I change that in the settings or is something wrong with my phone's camera?
  4. I changed my account coz it was UK. I made an Egypt account, which I will be using from now on. So if anyone wants to add me, my gamertag is XxKiksyxX Just with the request say that you're from Xbox 360 achievements
  5. Thanks a lot I'll call vodafone again then
  6. I want to ask something. Now I made an account especially for Xbox One, but I added it to the phone so I can use smart glass with Xbox One when it comes out. On the phone some games have Xbox written on them, if I play them on the phone they will get me achievements and add points to this account? Because I want this account to just have points and achievements of the games I'll play on Xbox One not the games of the phone. Also I'm having a problem, I can't use 3G, I called vodafone and they said they will send me a message to make it work but it didn't, I also wrote everything in apn settings, so I don't know why it's still not working :/
  7. Thanks so much I will keep exploring it today and if I have more questions, I'll post here again.
  8. Thanks everyone, I just got it yesterday night and opened it today, I discovered it a bit but the battery ended fast so I just put it on charger now, it didn't get hot though, thank God. I hope the battery becomes normal after a few times of charging, that's what most of the people say. I just want to ask how do I switch from wifi to 3G and vice versa? Coz I didn't find anything about that in the settings. And the lock screen, can I put a picture I find on google for example? Or bing or whatever. I don't want just a random picture, I want a picture of a band I like for example etc. Can I transfer music from my ipad mini to the phone? Oh and can I like lock the screen on portrait mode or landscape mode like the iPad, coz it keeps turning when I'm using it while in bed and it's really annoying lol. As for the camera and cinemagraph, I didn't try them yet, I also want to try to listen to music, watch videos and play games on it. So I'll do all that after it's fully charged. Till now I love it and the only thing that is bothering me a little is the buttons on the side and the touch buttons in the front, I keep pressing them by accident, but I'll get used to it.
  9. OMG, I'm totally gonna go buy it tomorrow, I just saw the cinemagraph video loooool it's amazing. Can I like make a cinemagraph picture from a video not taken by the camera? Like making a gif? And can I upload from inside the phone to the Internet pictures and videos I take with the camera? Can I add music from my computer to the mobile or I must buy them from the windows music store or whatever it is called?
  10. No, I didn't have a problem with my iPhone, in fact my mom is using it now and till now we've had no problems with it. But I'm afraid that the 920 battery may get damaged or something because of the heat problem, also because of the battery draining and stuff, won't all that affect the battery? And I don't think I can wait for the new Lumias, you know how much the 920 costs here? About the same price of the Xbox One lol. So if I'm gonna get a Lumia it's now or never coz after that I will not buy anything else to be able to get the Xbox One. So I want to get the Lumia tomorrow if possible. I will go watch some videos of it too now till you reply.
  11. What if something goes wrong with the battery? Then I'll have to throw the whole phone?
  12. The first smartphone I had was the iPhone 3GS, and now I have HTC One which I never ever use because I didn't like the android system at all. I love apple and windows, so now I want to try a windows phone I want to buy a Nokia Lumia phone, I really like the 920 but I've read it has battery problems and it gets hot. Anyone here have this phone that can tell me everything about it? I've read this and it worries me http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Nokia-Lumia/920-battery-life-issue/td-p/1599700 I was thinking of the Lumia 820 too but when I compared them I found that 920 is better in everything except weight and stuff like that. And the micro SD card, well I love to have a lot of space but since I have my ipad mini too then I can distribute or separate what I want (some in the phone and some in the iPad mini) and 32gb is good space, it will be enough for my music and I can download some apps and games too. I like everything in the 920 except the battery problems and the temperature. And btw I want to ask, can the battery be changed/replaced? Coz I've read somewhere that it can't
  13. I bought the game (I live in Egypt btw) My account is UK, but on the game box in the back it says "Not for sale in the UK" So can I play it or not? Will my account get banned if I play it because it's UK?
  14. Yea one of my fav games too, but I like Tomb Raider more <3 Sadly, my Xbox slim started freezing too I tried everything but nothing worked, only thing that works is when I shut down the console and start it again. And it really sucks especially when I'm playing a game demo, coz in demo you have to start from the very beginning. It's like it freezed 3 times in 4 days, I don't know if it's because of its temperature or something else, is there a thread in the forum for this problem?
  15. I have Injustice on my ipad, is it different on the Xbox, or the same thing?
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