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    Graphics, 10 Pin Bowling and gaming ofcourse.
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    3D Modeller / Graphics Designer / Web Design / Computer Techie << Summed up in one.. GEEK lmao

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  1. Hey Ashz0r, the group you created for car enthusiasts needs a profile photo. Want me to create one to rep all asian, north american and european cars? let me know.

  2. Hey I saw your post on recording from your 360 to your PC and thought you might be able to help?


    I'm looking into doing this but is there any alternative to opening my PC and slotting a card in? I'm ultra lazy and i'd prefer an external device but is this an avaliable option?


    I mean it's no problem putting a card into a PCI slot, but it's the hassle of opening my PC up! everything's at the same desk so cable length isn't an issue.


    Also any recommendations? Did you go for one?


    (I hope my questions aren't too lazy, I'd just like a personal recommendation rather than a googled best guess which is what I did with my graphics card and I overspent £50)

  3. In the actual acheivement description it says on xbox live? are you sure it can be done locally? ;o
  4. Step by step guide here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=24307
  5. Happened to me this morning clear your hard disks cache then load the game again and it should download the update.
  6. There is a gamesaver (well hacker) on MGC with 1750.
  7. Got it on Ranked Team Doubles earlier on Ghost Town.
  8. It better be a good reward.. "Vidmaster Challenge: Annual" with Iron on its going to be bloody stressful lol..
  9. Since the update they have added Carbines and plasma grenades to Team Swat and it seems on certain maps you get spawn killed alot with the lack of energy sheilds.. Anyone else feel this has ruined the playlist or is it just me? *edit: Also the one thing most people wanted to have changed and probably really did need doing was the removal of elites from team swat (no change there)
  10. Maybe more a place for gamers to hang out, play games and meet fellow gamers with a bar? Rather then a pub for gamers? If you were to class it as a gaming pub that may come across confusing because people might think pub games rather then console/computer gaming? Sounds like a cool idea though Good luck with it and if its UK based hit me up when you open
  11. Strongbad Blends well and has an overall nice clean feel.
  12. Cool ;p its not far off so we should find out soon enough Will be busy climbing the new ranking system.. more maps is just a bonus to me Just hope they resume the double exp weekends once they finish all the updates because i'm missing my fix of zombie maps .. its just not as fun on customs lol
  13. I didn't think this happened if you recovered on the same xbox? I know that if for example you had two xbox A and B.. you gain 6000 points on A offline.. then go and recover on B before going online with A you will loose those offline points.. but I didn't know this could happen if you recovered on the same xbox that you gained the points on offline? ;o Should of tried logging in before recovering? or did it force you to recover? ;o
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