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  1. B1-1: 1.034 B1-2: 30.697 B1-3: 35.835 B1-4: 31.931 B1-5: 32.832 B2-1: 29.861 B2-2: 32.958 B2-3: 33.957 B2-4: 34.991 B2-5: 33.857 B3-1: 31.633 B3-2: 32.166 B3-3: 32.299 B3-4: 32.399 B3-5: 31.899 B4-1: 2.00.067 B4-2: 2.02.821 B4-3: 2.02.799 B4-4: 2.06.639 B4-5: 2.06.740 B5-1: 39.673 B5-2: 39.572 B5-3: 43.062 B5-4: 43.875 B5-5: 40.705 A1-1: 42.663 A1-2: 11.978 A1-3: 15.048 A1-4: 19.988 A1-5: 39000 A2-1: 46.831 A2-2: 7.933 A2-3: 20.266 A2-4: 32.332 A2-5: 42500 A3-1: 45.064 A3-2: 11.501 A3-3: 16.250 A3-4: 25.695 A3-5: 37000 A4-1: 1.04.498 A4-2: 10.266 A4-3: 28.334 A4-4: 33.770 A4-5: 30500 A5-1: 47.667 A5-2: 7.538 A5-3: 36.127 A5-4: 20.900 A5-5: 40000 I wouldn't mind seeing an updated ps3 list if you don't mind
  2. I had the same issue with my Samsung tv as well, don't remember exactly what I had to change but there was a setting in the picture options that fixed it
  3. can you use asian msp on a japanese acount or do they have to be japanese msp?
  4. Does anybody know how to get that damn blotyguard pin? I've searched ventureland back and forth and for the life of me I can't find it. @ nickon - I'm pretty sure I got that one out of one of the black bags
  5. Ok I'm only missing 2 pins anyone know how to get blotyguard pin or research assistant pin? Edit- only missing blotyguard now, does anybody know how to get this one?
  6. I have a couple of questions regarding some of the quests. I've taken all the pictures for encyclopedia wastelandica but the quest isn't counted as finished or given me the pin. Is there somebody I need to talk to or something? and for clarabelles costumes, where do i make the 5 spatter costumes for her? Edit- found out that you have to buy the spatter costumes at mad hatter, still haven't figured out the wastelandica problem Edit 2- figured it out, you have to blow up the statue in front of adelles shop and then you can go in and talk to her
  7. I'm not possitive, but I don't think the dragon counts. Also even if camera is full it will still let you take the quest related picture as long as the icon shows up green
  8. I think there are other items to sell as well, but I just got my 20 and this is what they were clock hand, africa costume, asia costume, flower costume hat, jester costume, manor costume, hooks coat, hooks hat, hooks hook, hooks rapier, pearl of wisdom, snowglobe, toy race car, soda cap, stodivarious violin, tedworth's bear, trick forge gear, tube part, ice cream, and fiddle
  9. How exactly do I lure the bog easy conductor with the sketch, he's the last train I'm missing
  10. I had the same problem happen to me when I played through, does anyone know of a workaround for this?
  11. Is it just me or does this game seem even harder than DOA4's survival? I'm struggling already on the 4th difficulty which is only 50 wins. I could get that much on 4 without much trouble, but this game seems much harder
  12. Mine unlocked fine after clearing my last character, Alpha
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