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  1. Some more info for the guide. Every master has an high level Z soul that you receive once you completed their training and then challenge to spar with them. These sparring sessions are very high level challenges, often times lvl 80, so it will be quite difficult to get the reward. These are the z souls you get from sparring: Piccolo - "I cant believe I defended that brat" Krillin - "Why is it always ME?!" Hercule - "Eek! Waaaah! What'll I do?!" #18 - "I can't get serious here." Cell - "A power-biased transformation..." Ginyu - "Aren't I nice?!" Frieza - "That offer's expired..." Gotenks - "Now you've made me mad!" Gohan (to specify, it's really Videl that you are training with, not Gohan. You learn all of Videl's moves and must fight her in most of the challenges.) 1st: Eagle Kick 2nd: Ki Blast Cannon Fetch: "I...I'm Okay" z soul - you get rewarded "You got An ally of justice in Hercule City" z soul 3rd: Hawk Charge 4th: Justice Combination "I...I'm Okay" z soul. Can only be received from PQ 47. This quest is extremely difficult and almost only possible by doing it online with other powerful players. You must complete the quest within 10 minutes and you end up facing all the saiyans multiple times, all at once, at their highest transformation. First part is Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha. Once 2/3 are defeated, Krillin and #18 show up. Second part you take on Hercule and Videl. They are very quickly delt with. Half way through the fight Fat Buu shows up. Take him out to progress to the next section. The next part is Kid Trunks and Vegeta. both super saiyan. Half way through the fight Future Trunks shows up, also super saiyan. The next zone is a space area that has a portal to the supreme kai planet. This portal is very tricky to find given the blackness of the space, it is above you and to the left from where you exit. There is nothing here other than the portal. Fourth part you face Goten, Goku(both super saiyan) and Majestic Gohan. Gohan is actually the main opponent in this area as he has 2 life bars and doesnt flinch much. Once you beat them, Goku gets back up and goes SS3, and has 2 health bars. If you manage to defeat him then there is a chance that a new challenger will appear. Go back to the space zone to start the fight. The final part of this quest you fight SS Gotenks. Half way through the fight SS2 Goku AND Vegeta show up to the party. At this point you are fighting 3 very aggressive and high level transformed saiyans at the same time...... good luck with that. FINALLY, after you defeat these 3, SSJ Vegito shows up. Immediately after, Gotenks gets back up and transforms to SS3. If you manage to survive all of this, you get the Ultimate Finish and a chance to unlock the Z soul that Gohan has requested.
  2. I edited my original post to include info on Android 18 and the Supers that you get from Shenron the second time.
  3. Android 18 doesnt have requirement to train with her. The second time she gives you Endless Shoot. Third time is Deadly Dance. Fourth time is the ultimate Dual Destructo-Disc and the z soul "17 and I are twins!" Frieza has a requirement of having completed training with Ginyu. Frieza Gives you Death Beam the first time, Death Crasher the second time, Emperor's Sign the third time, fourth time you get his ultra Supernova as well as the Z soul "My power is 530,000". A trick to getting money and XP is to keep replaying any particular story quest at the end which you find easiest. Teaming up with Beerus against Demigura is really easy. I got all the dragonballs but for some reason the achievement for getting the 2 star dragon ball didnt unlock. It showed 100% but not the "Done! Unlocking..." like on achievements that are bugged out. Upon collecting another 2 star ball the achievement unlocked. Also, when wishing for Supers from Shenron, instead of Lightning Ruin Air Consumption they renamed it Thunder Eraser? or at least that what I got from it. The second time wishing for supers gives you Dragon Flash Bullet, Whirlwind Blade and Lullaby Punch.
  4. Yeah apparently the Iron skull is randomly enabled sometimes which forces you to restart upon death or so I heard.
  5. Got it after a third attempt. Post game mission timer report is definitely off. Achievement should unlock as the core is blowing up, not after the mission is over. This means that the timer is independent of the in game calculator like with the challenges (ie: 15 minute challenge). Therefor it is 7 minutes REAL TIME. ~20 seconds of cutscenes when skipping so you need about 6:30 mission time to unlock it.
  6. I beat the level with 6 min mission time and the achievement wont unlock. WTF?
  7. Yeah that section was taken out of the wiki and was meant as placeholder til I got the video up for it.
  8. Yeah it was placeholder until i completed the video for it. I have no problem giving credit where it is due.
  9. I actually realized that I no longer have time to work on creating maps for all the secrets. Somebody else will have to take over. The process I used was I ran through the entire game without collecting any chests and only collected the orbs. Once you have all the orbs you unlock the ability to fly as a chicken and I used this ability to reveal all corners of the map to fill out all the dark space. Then take multiple screenshots of each region and compile it together in photoshop to make one giant collage which is the final product. You can use this guide for the older version of the game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=214940561
  10. Here is a video guide for the orbs: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GzkC3QXBks]Guacamelee! - El Savior (Xbox) - YouTube[/ame] El Infierno - 4 Secrets -Chest behind bronze door -Chest behind silver door -Orb at the end of the room behind gold door -Gold medal all 17 challenges (pollo power and goat fly) Pico de Gallo - 19 secrets 1 side mission -Alux Hunter 18 chests -3x chest reward for completing Alux Hunter Canal De Las Flores - 20 secrets 1 side mission -Crab Wrangler 19 chests 3x chests in Baby Calaca's Clubhouse http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp225/XxOverkillVR/LaMansiondelPresidenteMap_zps246a1355.png La Mansion del Presidente - 1 secret -chest on floating platform (requires rooster uppercut or double jump) http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp225/XxOverkillVR/AgaveFieldMap_zps91107bf2.png Agave Field - 2 Secrets -Orb at end of maze in basement of Juan's house (bottom right corner swap dimensions as chicken) -Chest behind Purple Block on top floor in Juan's House http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp225/XxOverkillVR/CavernaDelPolloMap_zpse705530d.png Caverna del Pollo - 4 secrets -Chest after completing first trial -2x chests after completing second trial (dimension swap) -Orb after completing third trial (blue block) http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp225/XxOverkillVR/ForestDelChivoMap_zpsaa6e8ddb.png Forest Del Chivo - 17 secrets -Orb in secret drop down after activating skull switch and flying across map to the left (goat fly) Sierra Morena - 9 secrets Orb at end of cave on platform after goat fly east of cavern 2 chests out in the open after you defeat Jaguar Tule Tree - 9 secrets Orb at the top of the Tree Tops section (goat run and goat fly) Temple of War - 13 secrets Deserto Caliente - 14 secrets Pueblucho - 6 secrets 2 side missions -Missing Doll -Chicken Hearding 4 chests -chest on top of church outside (double jump) -chest on top of church (double jump) -chest in basement of house (pollo power) -chest in dungeon where you battle X-ayabe Santa Luchita - 10 secrets 5 side missions -Worlds Greatest Enchilada -Chicken Thief -I AM ERROR -Mariachi Band -Combo Chicken 5 chests -chest on east side of lower city -chest in lower section of 2 story building -chest in top section of 2 story building (pollo power) -chest in basement of bar -chest in basement of bar (pollo power) Great Temple - 10 Secrets
  11. Here is the breakdown of the cost of powerups: Health and Stamina (16500) L1 = 750 L2 = 1000 L3 = 1250 L4 = 1500 L5 = 1750 L6 = 2000 Health Regen, Stamina Regen and Delay Boost (11250) L1 = 1250 L2 = 2500 Respawn Boost (3000) L1 = 1000 L2 = 2000 THROWS (15000) Suplex = 3000 Piledriver = 3000 Das Boot = 3000 Aimed Throw = 3000 Stun Boost = 3000 INTENSO (12000) INTENSO Health Regen = 4000 INTENSO Shield Breaker = 4000 INTENSO Charge Boost = 4000 Total = 57750
  12. hi, it works for the xbox one version. try B, A, Start instead of Y, Y, Select and let me know if that works
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