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  1. I'm having trouble finding the Superstar G, I just ran through the Baction section of the game on my second playthrough and didn't find any, are they only in one specific room or something? Edit - nevermind, he showed up on another trip and in a room I'd already visited, guess he's just random..?
  2. I totally approve of your profile picture.

  3. Boosting right now if anyone wants to join!
  4. Yep, doesn't save either after I full synced all the missions and was picking up the side quests. Even though the save icon appears all my progress on my side quests was lost after I booted up again after taking a break.
  5. So me and my friend have been playing post-patch and have gotten all the other online achievements, and have been following the recommended guides for getting Payday. We've been doing where you do all the minimal requirements, have the host always have the highest score and listening for the victory tune at the end. We've done this carefully many times over but Payday doesn't unlock. So I'm wondering, is there any way of telling for sure it's glitched, other than it just doesn't unlock? Just incase we're messing something up here and there's still a chance we could get it, or we're wasting our time trying for something we can't obtain.
  6. Thanks for the tips and info, in my frustration at failing so hard at what's meant to be the easier of the three mini-games I must have missed that info in the guide. I'm glad it's not just me then that finds some shots seem to go way off course whilst others don't when the blue circle is the same size, to be honest it left me wondering if the mini-game was broken or something. Guess I'll just have to keep trying and hope for the best.
  7. I know the rules of the game, I mean literally, how are you supposed to play it in the game itself. The game never tells you what that glowing circle is meant to represent and seemingly similar shots I make yield wildly different results. I don't understand this at all!
  8. If anyone is still looking for the Fox in the Homestead, I managed to find some to the left of Norris's mine, up the hill a little. For the Elk in the Homestead, if you go directly up from the fox location, hugging near the left edge of the map and horizontal across from where the curve in the river is, I found an elk there.
  9. That's weird, because when I played it with my brother in local co-op (I was player 1) I ran out of lives on level 24 and as soon as I died the Santa achievement unlocked for me, which my brother had actually managed to do much earlier in the game (but obviously no achievement for him). And when he went on to finish the last level, it also unlocked the finishing the game achievement for me, but obviously not him again.
  10. It seems that the wording is actually misleading, whilst you can get achievements in local co-op, only the host can get them! Me and my brother used to play this game all the time on Mega Drive so we were a bit gutted to find that only one of us can get achievements at a time.
  11. I have the same problem, my very first convoy I sent out when the game first teaches you to do it was attacked and is now stuck at the top of my convoy list. I can't see it anywhere (is there a way to find it?) and have liberated all colonies and.. well I finished the game storyline about 2 weeks ago and it's still there. I tried the method you suggested by crafting a new convoy but it doesn't allow me to due to the inventory being full as I already have 2 other active convoys along with my dead one.
  12. Thanks, it was that we had to move the bloody Workshop. Thanks for your help, now we can finish up the game!
  13. Me and a friend are playing and just have 2 blueprints to go, but we don't seem to have any active goal, we're stuck. The next hint is "Help the Kefslyvanians rebuild their town" and Brodie highlights, after which, he says to follow the clues from Wilhelm... but he won't give any clues! Any help?
  14. No, you're correct, Alice's Film and The Clothes are listed the wrong way around, but luckily these were the last two I needed so it didn't cause me any major problem
  15. Me and my friend are trying Payday at the moment, can someone clarify the requirements, I'm confused by the descriptions floating around. Must we play just 4 campaigns, one of each location. Or must we play all 4 locations with every game type?
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