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  1. if anyone is down to play some hmu GT: REL3NTT
  2. looking for any help i can get running through my last four to five mission on legendary and doing the score achievements and online as well.
  3. Just started playing again I need to do the campaign and multiplayer Down to boost or play for fun GT:RELENTTTT
  4. Anybody looking to play hit me up for fun or achievements RELENTTTT
  5. I have been enjoying this game, Im just on act 2 and have been trying to catch as many as achievements on my way as possible so i dont have many to mop up!
  6. looking for someone to play through the story iron man and inconceivable and some to play some versus and horde down for anything RELENTTTT
  7. can be on most days would like to work on some of the co-op achievements when possible
  8. i had just finished death factory as far as completing the game on veteran i somehow started the game sign into another profile and when i signed off to get on mine it said i had not completed anything on the story so i resumed it and i was were i left off but on a lower difficulty i had lost all of my Intel so i replayed a mission thinking maybe it would rest it self but it didnt. any idea on how to get my progress back or have i lost it completely? sorry if this is not the right thread, any help is appreciated
  9. hit me up and if im feeling like playing zombies ill play, have a mic as well gt:RELENTTTT
  10. looking for help i need like 5 more achievements to finished im pretty sure one is glitched its completing glasses with out hitting the smart link have a few to try and knock them out atm gt RELENTTTT
  11. Need help with 5 achievements that have to be done in co-op Would really love to get this finished hit me up
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