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  1. Where's Your Head At - Basement Jaxx
  2. Billy Brown - Mika Oh Billy Brown had lived an ordinary life Two kids, a dog, and a precautionary wife While it was all going accordingly to plan Then Billy Brown fell in love with another man
  3. Party All The Time - Eddie Murphy
  4. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you
  5. Around The Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  6. Around The World (La La La La La) - ATC
  7. Walking In The Rain - Grace Jones Summing up the people, Checking out the race, Doing what I'm doing, Feeling out of place, Walking, walking, In the rain
  8. Over The Love - Florence and the Machine
  9. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
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