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  1. Thanks! You don't have to, but could you change my name on that to Infernorths, it's just what I've been using more and more Edit: I also think it's a bit too big for the site standards
  2. Could anyone make a Borderlands 2 themed avatar for me? I'd prefer to have Zer0 or Krieg in it.
  3. I'm still on my first run on the first game, trying to take out Nito, and I've already taken out Seath. First post in a looooooong time.
  4. Going through Birth By Sleep Final Mix on Critical on my PS3 as we speak, actually. It works with others as well(Terra,Ventus,Aqua etc.) but I'm replaying the games on the PS3 with the remastered versions.
  5. Can I be one of the people that beats almost every one of these villains down with a big key?
  6. And here I am.... slowly approaching 50k. Would probably help if I stopped playing BF3, but I'm probably not going to do that.
  7. Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
  8. http://i41.tinypic.com/seabyx.png 8/10 Steweh
  9. This. So much this. Besides KH 1 + 2, it'd probably have to be Pokemon Fire Red and Ruby.
  10. This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N_AVuzrbwM
  11. I'm finishing up Bionic Commando. Last achievements I need are for the difficulties and then I never have to touch that damn game ever again.
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