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  1. Castle Crashers' ending was pretty troll-y, too ;x
  2. looking to do a full run of co-op on insane gt: Chaos Lawyer
  3. Do you lose the hat if you trade it? Or can you just trade entire libraries with another person and easily (or, at least, much more easily) get all the hats that way?
  4. Yeah. They could totally make money off of DLC for this game. Strange.
  5. boosting to level 50 add me gt: Chaos Lawyer
  6. shit i'm at 19/20 and out of unlocks. augh. am i forever screwed? scarab is my last unlock.
  7. nevermind. got em all on my own. good luck to others.
  8. awesome. found a guy with a marshal that had a bayonet within minutes. now just need to get power kick kills and I'm done with the SP achievements.
  9. can someone tell me what attachment this is and where to get it? thanks! http://imageshack.us/a/img40/6839/crysis3whatisthis.png also, anyone know a good place to get power-kick kills to get maximum on the "brute force" module?
  10. Crysis 2's "limited" edition's DLC fucked up my achievements for leveling as it did others. I'm suspecting the same will happen here. Thoughts?
  11. Thoughts on this? It's a wonderful game, and I'd love an excuse to come back to it. also the game is sale for 1/3 of its price, in case people who don't have the game already read this forum, lol. today (12/20/2012) only.
  12. augh guess i have to re-purchase the game. i don't mind waiting till it drops heavily or they release an ultimate edition or something because there's apparently campaign DLC planned, too.
  13. gamefly had a sale on this recently, and it was like the 2nd or 3rd time. for $15 used. just gotta pay attention for deals if you're looking to get it cheap. don't rely on retail...
  14. that would be neat, but has that ever happened?
  15. SL 124 NG++ trying to beat Four Kings before starting DLC so I don't lock myself out of the dark guild. gt: Chaos Lawyer
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