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  1. Looking to boost: Off With His Head (5 king dethrones) Only a Real Master (Winning with 10% when opponent had 90%) Be Pre-Paired (Dethrone king using Harley/Double Trouble) GT: Son Goku 03
  2. I'd be up for some boosting this weekend. Should be available most of the day/night Friday thru Sunday this weekend. GT: Son Goku 03 I'll stick around as long as people need, I'm really only concerned about getting Rapid Discord done. Wouldn't mind also tackling: - Waste Not, Want Not (Reaper) - Shot Down (D.va) - Mine Sweeper (Winston) - Hog Wild (Roadhog)
  3. Looking to boost the same co-op achievements everyone else is listing. I'm available most evenings. GT: Son Goku 03
  4. Finally unlocked. Uninstalled and re-installed the entire game. Additionally, had to delete my save data from the console and cloud. Started a new game and unlocked the achievement at the first opportunity. What a pain!
  5. That's what I was hoping was happening, but I checked on xbox.com and it's showing up as locked there as well. Going to give it a whirl after deleting everything on my harddrive and cloud save as well.
  6. Definitely manually cancelling. I've tried different save files and chapter replay, no luck. Considering wiping out all of my save data (local and cloud) and trying a new game.
  7. I've tried numerous Zip-line transfers, in numerous locations throughout the last week -- no dice! This is the last achievement I need for the original 1,000 and can't seem to track anyone down who has had the same problem. Has anyone had trouble unlocking this one? I've followed plenty of guides online just to be certain, still can't get it.
  8. Looking for someone level 2 to win against in a Ranked match. Only need the Fear No One achievement. GT: Son Goku 03
  9. Looking to boost 1,000 Respect in King of the Hill. Gamertag: Son Goku 03
  10. Looking to boost shield coins (any evenings this week CST). Willing to boost additional unlock requirements for the MAC-10 and Double Barrel. Mostly interested in the shield coins as they're hard to do legit. GT: Son Goku 03
  11. Looking to do all of the Online achievements. I should be available most evenings this week. GT: Son Goku 03
  12. Looking to do the achievement: Perform takedown from the passenger seat of a vehicle in Co-Op. Hit me up, GT: Son Goku 03
  13. Looking for assistance with Riot Survivor. Hit me up if you have the map and are willing to put up with me for 10 rounds. GT: Son Goku 03
  14. Looking to boost Who You Gonna Call? Need 3 additional players. I'm usually available every evening. Gamertag: Son Goku 03
  15. This seems to be the only achievement that needs 4 ACTIVE players. Anyone still around trying to boost this game? Forum seems pretty dead here and on TA. Hit me up: Son Goku 03
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