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    I work, I play games and I play music.
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  1. Is no one on it or what? Can't even get in a quick game
  2. Do you have to use a permanent unlock token or something? I still have 5
  3. So I've just prestiged for the first time, don't I get an extra custom class?
  4. I don't think it will be out before I go to college
  5. I want to download the Fifa 13 demo on tuesday, but I am at college all day. If I'm at college and I press download to xbox, will it download at home? Does my xbox also have to be on all day?
  6. Is there any fix to this, I bought a controller off ebay, official, it has the official microsoft sticker on the back, when I press the A button, it feels like i'm pressing it down into honey, it seems ever so slow coming back out, its not a massive problem, its just quite annoying, is there any fix or should I just try to send it back?
  7. RPGS mainly, shooters, FPS' everything really
  8. I feel like I'm running out of good games to play, are there any hidden old gems out there that are really good?
  9. Me and my friend blow up every car we see and come nowhere near to 200k, how do we do it?
  10. I'm trying to talk to tullius but he keeps telling me legate has given me a mission.. no idea what to do
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