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  1. Can he select missions through the campaign menu? If not hell just have to play through again.
  2. Just finished the game, and noticed this is only thing that hasn't unlocked for me. Thought it was for the broadcast mission which I've just replayed via the campaign menu, but hasn't popped again? Am I even replaying the right mission? Edit: Just hard reset the Xbox, and it unlocked as soon as the game loaded. So if anyone still has any issues with the game try replaying via the campaign option, then hard resetting
  3. Yep, all unlocked fine, but just finished the game and realised I didn't get vertigo which is the penultimate level achievement. Ffs
  4. All done. Nice one Savourypilot.. Dunno what was wrong though, we did 7 side missions and 4 story missions before any of us got it
  5. Thanks man! Just did this in old town. Was at 75% completion and they rarely showed. Got 1 in 2 hours last night. Now did 6-7 this morning doing it. Wasn't in the original spot that I found them though, were all in an area about 150-200 metres away, but they kept spawning there
  6. Got the morning off, so on now for a couple of hours
  7. Online now looking to do the 4 player coop. Just send me a message - dj skuff
  8. The last word again? Damn feels like I'll never get an icebreaker lol 700+ hours in too
  9. Find big groups of the cursed thrawls, and shoot the back one in the group. Every person he blows up will count towards it
  10. Its not bad, considering what you get from say a cod dlc, although disappointed that they added 3 missions, yet you can only every replay 2 of them. Could of done with a planets worth of levels
  11. Think this game is trying to be funny with me. Did it twice so far and got a comedian both times haha. Greatttt
  12. Probably because of the ten kills without dying and 5 headshot streaks. I deffo play more cautiously until they are out of the way
  13. Anyone else find this today? I usually breeze through these solo, especially on earth, but seems to have just got harder? Especially when the bosses are nearly dead? The walker now fires back if you stand near the window when its on its final bit of health. Really don't remember it doing that before?
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