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  1. Thanks for the info! I must have must up on the Reservist.
  2. After some digging I found This Thread, havent tried it yet so hopefully its fast
  3. I have beat the game on insanity on my first playthrough and just want to be done with this game, I spent most of insanity using the same build. I am left with a ton of the achievements for killing people. Perform 100 power combos, Kill 100 with melee, etc. I did a lot of side missions along the way but I am hoping to find a spot in the game or certain quest I haven't done with a ton of enemies that I can just reload over and over again to get a few hundred kills. Any ideas?
  4. Is this achievement bugged? Season is over and no achievement. Also, A Reservist achievement doesnt seem to be adding up correctly, I participated in 4 of the 5 rounds of the first season and the tracker says its only at 60%. These are the last 2 achievements I need, errrr.
  5. Actually I turned my game off last night after my conversation with her, logged back in today, still standing in front of her and the mission just came up. Weird but w/e
  6. I went through all the missions listed in the guide and then went talked to Sloane, all she did was bitch and I never got the high noon mission. Where does the mission show up? Also, the guide says to talk with Vehn Terev, I am pretty sure that was part of the mission and couldn't be missed. PS - I checked my completed missions and they are all in there. Any ideas?
  7. I would not call this game great, its OK, worth playing I guess but def not great.
  8. I played the first but non since then. For a casual player like me, in versus it doesnt make sense to do the bounties and level up, that just means I have to fight harder (higher level) people.
  9. The class skill cards don't effect Versus do they?
  10. yup I think thats the only way to level up, along with winning. My question is though, is there a point to leveling up? It doesn't seem like you unlock anything? Also, the class skill cards, those only apply for horde right?
  11. bummer, doesn't sound like anyone has came up with a really good fast cash method. I am leveling up pretty fast anyway, just thought someone may have found an exploit by now.
  12. Anyone know of a way to earn some cash quickly? I want to start buying up everything.
  13. where do i get the "King Soul" needed for one weapon. I can't find any info on it? Can anyone confirm this guide is correct with all the right weapons you need?
  14. This isn't working for me and my friend. I am guessing this is because were on different servers? He is seeing different "messages" on the ground than me. I have put down the stone like 30 times and wait a minute, but it never shows up in my friends game. Any help???
  15. Any chance you can list which collectibles or areas of the map you can't go back for? That would be helpful.
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