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  1. Sorry bud, but the guy who gave you the gun was not jimmy jenkins
  2. Congratulations!

    Shaun White Skateboarding [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member DEG23.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  3. I'll make this really simple. Use MW2, take out OMA and painkiller, then add zombies from black ops. Perfect COD.
  4. This is a tough one. For the most part the 2nd one is a nice improvement, however the raid bosses and farming sucks. Also, the DLC is just miserable so far. The Torgue DLC was funny but it didnt make up for the gameplay.
  5. I'm 30 and my wife keeps asking how much longer I will game. I told her I can either have guys not out on the town, or do it over XBL. She much prefers me to hang out with old college buddies on XBL than at the bar. I drank and partied enough for 30 people in college and had my fair share of fun. In fact at 30 I will be buying my first PC, and getting into PC gaming. If it goes well I could see me not buying the next console.
  6. It is for members who have been on xbox live for ten years. When I log in I have a ten year badge. Also, a month or two ago I got a special avatar helmet for being an xbox live gold member for ten straight years. Other than that the badge program is a total waste.
  7. I dont think we would see much of a short term gain, and no long term gain. I like this idea a bit better. I know people have mentioned a $5 permanent sub, but I could see $10 subs dropping to $5, thus negating any financial gain. I guess the good thing is there may be equal overall revenue, but a larger number of subs. I think it depends on what Rx, Webb's, and Minty's goal is for subscribers. Do they want to make money off it, have a larger more dedicated member base, or both? I am not expecting nor do I want an answer to that though, rather I just wanted to throw that thought process out there.
  8. I still need a bunch of Guitar Hero Achievements that I have put for about 2 years.
  9. x360a is vastly superior to TA, except for the one area it is lagging faaaaaaaaaaaaar behind. Yes you know what is coming...organized boosting setups with a rep system. Without copying TA exactly, we need a system that....ahem....copies TA exactly (you get my point). As mentioned above the live achievement feed/update for friends is a nice touch, but isn't a gamebreaker for me.
  10. The only problem is we are now restricted on graphics and most of the games have crappy gameplay, plot, and characters. At least with the next gen we will get good graphics along with crappy gameplay, plot, and characters. I have been getting so tired of console gaming that I am building my first ever pc in two months. Yeah it supposed to have computer tech that would be in the most basic of crap gaming rigs. It is understandable when you consider the price point. Part of me wished they would just up a system to $1,000 and actually make a console that can compete with a pc. That would take away devs excuses that they are hardware limited. The huge downside is this makes it unaffordable for many people. Instead of making console packages based on harddrive side, they should have a basic $500, and a premium $1,000 package. The $1000 package would have semi premium components. For $1000 you can make a pretty nice computer, and I am sure M$ can make it cheap when ordering millions of components at one time.
  11. Most of the people I am still friends with are old frat buddies, so they know all about gaming.
  12. The first one sounds like the easter egg. I hope it is better than Tower of Bable and more along the lines of the moon easter egg.
  13. When speaking I only say "achievements", however I will type out "cheevo" sometimes as it is shorter.
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