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  1. After placing Armor on atleast 2 of the 4 dummys and then later replacing it. I found that the dummies then reproduced the first items that were on the dummy. The newer items still stayed with the dummy, but the "originals" replaced them being on display. This has happened over and over.
  2. I've noticed a bug noise following me wherever I go outside in solstheim. I found a trailing "bug" in the water that is consistently the same distance away and always in the same spot, with respect to my character.
  3. So im finishing up my achievments and thought id try for the bobblehead in raven rock without the main quest line. Finally climb up to raven rock and wouldn't you know it door won't open and no switch to be found. So i go clicking around and got fed up about ready to leave and shoot te door. It goes flying and lets me inside the base!!! Get inside and theres an invisible wall that won't let me get to the first door.... Made it and shut down... at the same time. Just something weird from an ALWAYS awesome game!!
  4. Definitly Fallout 3, but has to be Game of the Year Edition!! Full game AND five DLCs!!
  5. So I leveled up to 20 while being evil and... no achievement. Help???
  6. Ok so im in penn. ave. I went into the utility access next to white house, got the three mini nukes and fat man there. Question is how do i get into that other door down there? The "Door to Presidential sub level". I've heard its only for broken steel maybe...?
  7. Game4life


    Any words on a Avengers game??
  8. So is Arkum City any better same?? Worth it? oh... game of the year edition.. usually a good way to go.
  9. So i know its old. has anyone found if theres a way to get the two white spells from gohtza "after" it freezes???
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