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  1. Just to say, your big picture thread has been bumped and there's more pictures. If you're still doing it that is.

  2. If anyone wouldn't mind doing the coop achievements (missions, trivia and the sim mission) with me I would be extremely happy. I also have the DLC if you need that. GT: Xraye93 (GMT Time zone)
  3. Cage the Elephant- Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  4. The woman was driving, a man was recording and commentating.
  5. Saw this video a couple of weeks ago, the funny thing is the woman is getting charged for doing it.
  6. As soon as you open the door they are infront of you.
  7. My favourite is the old 4-4-2. Can't go wrong with it.
  8. Meh. He's OK nothing too special. Is there a release date yet for it?
  9. I am looking for someone who has the "FIFA Fever" achievement and is willing to let me beat them for it. And someone willing to boost "Good Form" and "Underdog". If someone is willing to help please send a friend request and/or message to "Xraye93" Thanks in advance.
  10. Just start off with a half-star team and if your rating does go up you will be 1 star.
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