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  1. I can confirm waiting on the map screen giving you lives. I had -84, came on here to see if anyone had this problem (I hadn't been on in two days and believed I would have had full lives & I don't see how I got negative lives in the first place). After I read the comment, I looked up to check and sure enough I now have 5 lives.
  2. Has anyone else run into any glitches for Zumba? Zumba Starter never popped for me even though I have all the tutorials done: Cumbia Crackin' Reggaeton Rouser Salsa Sizzle Merengue Master Bellydance Bump Calypso Cruisin' Am I missing something?
  3. My favorite kinect games so far are the Dance Central games, but Just Dance is more of a funny/silly dance game. (I would also suggest downloading Kinect Playfit to keep track of the calories you burn..and get some achievements along the way) There's all the Kinect Fun Lab games, but I'm not sure I'd call most of them much of a workout, though it does get you up and moving.
  4. Feel free to add me. Just shoot me a message saying Mount Everest or Playfit or something so I know
  5. I haven't tried for that achievement, but I have done all the tutorials and even have each corresponding achievement, but the Zumba Starter achievement didn't unlock for me. Did you get yours to unlock yet?
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