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  1. Is it possible to prevent Sam from killing the guy at the end? I played it twice and hit both options and he died both times.
  2. It does seem like a challenge for many producers, actually smart and effective AI. But I mean... Almost 2016, think someone would have found the magic code by now.
  3. Took me like three hours with the edge suggestion =/. Now I'm spending hours trying to get two wardens to die at the same time
  4. Hello, Estimated time on getting 100% achievements in this game? Not seeing an Achievement Guide & Roadmap thread. Thank you ^_^
  5. I've got all the ones in question aside from the "A New Hero" as I've yet to complete the requirement. No issues or delays, popped up quickly.
  6. Just a quick question regarding the Campaigns Is Halo 1&2 2 player co-op Halo 3&4 4 player co-op? Just curious before I start looking for people to do laso/speed runs. Thank you xD
  7. Is there an FAQ thread on their site someone that shows how to link my Gamertag to that account? I'm not seeing it anywhere >.<
  8. Never before have I played a harder boss then Norman this game... Spent probably 9 hours accumulated the past two days and still can't beat him.. Trying every trick I can find, not sure why they made him so hard :< Edit: Of course the game I do right after posting this I FINALLY got it, was out of herbs and 1 hit away from dying. Never doing this games Campaign again xD
  9. I went to help Luke and he still died, so sounds like he was meant to die either way. Looks like there's about 5-6 different possible endings, curious to see how S3's going open up. Maybe it'll be a season where our decisions actually change the story, wishful thinking ;p
  10. I played pretty religiously up until a year ago when the game just kind of died, played last night after I saw my brother downloaded it for the Free with Gold thing, and there were a LOT of people on (At least in Deathmatch, I didn't wander to the other gametypes as I never really liked them). Not sure how long the high player count will last, but better dust if off while it's still active :>
  11. I noticed the Achievements for Episode 4 are already here, so that might be a good thing in terms of it being released earlier then 2-4 months.
  12. I went with - Helped Sarah - Told Bonnie About Luke - Admitted Stealing The Walkie - Watched Kenny (So brutual o.o) - Chopped of Sarita's arm. Didn't see her in "Next Time" so a little worried she doesn't make it. =(
  13. Hello, looking to do ALL the DLC and Lone Wolves achievements, my lone wolf is only 1, have 4 controllers (although I think my brother lost one but sure I can find if I look hard enough). My gamertag is "H2O HugsNKisses" done all the achievements for this before, however that account was tampered with so am looking to do them on a fresh account. Please let me know if you're looking to start a group, my schedule's pretty open aside from Tuesday & Thursdays. Thanks xx
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