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  1. Looking for people to mop up co op achievements with. Main achievements and score attack. Cheers Gt: recreat3
  2. Im going to be annoyed if we cant get back to syria. I missed completing the challenge..i think i missed one torch or whatever they were. Thinking maybe i should make this run through a quick completion and then start a new file on easy for all collectibles
  3. Looking to do pretty much any co op achievements my gt is recreat3 Im from australia but im online usually during weird times as i work afternoon shift.
  4. Thats an odd glitch. Hasnt been happening to me anymore but I make sure i quit rare replay everytime before i go into an xbla game now
  5. Thanks for the guide. Mostly an easy completion. That last snapshot was really annoying me though. It seemed easy but i kept dying. Ohwell another game down
  6. Thanks so much. Had no idea wth i was meant to do in this game
  7. Good stuff. Im unfortunately having trouble with unlocking the learn all moves chievo
  8. I have learnt all the moves and got the last one (turbo trainers) but no chievo popped. Am i missing something Edit: nvm it did pop but i never saw it...might be something to do with the emulation
  9. That jiggy counted forcme but im having trouble breaking the egg. Pretty sure im down to the last break. Tried the banjo and kazooie and tried with the croc but it just wont break. Wth am i doing wrong Edit: nevermind. Beak barge broke it
  10. Damn. Well atleast its not just me. This sucks, hope they fix this asap or i might have to stop playing the 360 games and just stick to the older games
  11. I played through one of the snapshot playlists and completed it. Unlocked about 5 or so stamps in one go. Next i played banjo kazooie and after unlocking a few achievements i held pause to go back into the main meny of rare replay. Once i got back in those stamps i previously collected from the playlist disappeared and it didn't seem like my banjo milestones were recognised until i actually hard quit the game. Well i got the stamps but they all showed at 0% until i restarted the gane. Anyone else have this happen. I was connected to xbl the whole time.
  12. I read on neogaf *rumor* that it sold alot better than expected and they couldn't keep up supply. Dunno how true that is. I guess we will find out
  13. Recreat3


    When you go to each games page it has stamps at the top corner. I think you press x to view them.
  14. Went to finish ofc the last scenario today and accidently selected new game instead of resume. I figure no worries and go to scenario select only to see that i can only select from scenario 5.7. Whats up with that..and why on earth isnt there more than one save file..oh and another thing why is it when you first start up the game its always on new game instead of resume. What a stupid design. Rant over
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