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  1. Hopefully with Christmas coming up, the regular boosting people from here will get a forza 7
  2. You can add my wife - gamertag jojopurple617 I'll be getting forza for her today or very soon
  3. You can rent cars for free to race them , I rented them a lot when I raced online
  4. I have a hard copy , I can plug that into my laptop or I need to purchase it once more ? And wouldn't it be faster if we used higher class cars and have the active guy in the class below So for example everyone in a x class and the person in a s class. ( not sure on forza class systems at the moment ) Btw I did a few sessions with you creech in the past. Happy to do it once again
  5. Creech , count me in Available Friday 5pm-7pm est Saturday 5pm till Sunday 7pm est Gamer tag : turbulence 0
  6. Now you was probably being sarcastic but you was decent until the " good luck suckers, you'll need it" I could've used my unicorns but I decided to use the Mugen civic, easily won the race. And my difficulties is always set to professional. Also been playing since the start of forza 1, so I'm used to the limits of most cars on all the turns. Even on professional, they brake for no reason on even the smallest curves. annoys me when I draft them and I have to suddenly swerve.. Makes me lose milliseconds when I'm hot lapping while racing.
  7. if the AI has Racecars ( literally ) then you buy a pretuned race car. however I believe you can take off restrictions. haven't played in awhile. but i don't think you will need help. but if someone does need help, and can't afford to test it.. send me a message through xboxlive. ( I'm still on xbox 360) and ill check it out.
  8. it's weird. ever since i semi retired from achievement hunting ( i used to love single player) i can't stand playing single player anymore. it's too slow. too predictable. I fell inlove with online. I'll get back into it, I have to finish my goal of 100k GS.
  9. no offence, I sorta don't need advice. the most fun I ever had was on battlefield 2: modern combat used spec ops class ( vehicles, main battle tank and the helicopters) and battlefield bad company ( recon class and main battletanks ). the only way to win on battlefield is to actually play getting objectives. i started with Assault on Battlefield 4, i hated this game. i tried engineer, i really hated it. i sold my game for ghosts. couple weeks later my girl bought me Battlefield 4.. this time i tried with Recon, Fell in love with BF4 all over again. I'm a old skool gamer, i stick to my play style while everyone changes according to those around them. There was a time no one travelled with RPGs. the most craziest thing, people used to strap HUMVEES with c4s and go kamakazi. there was a time no one complained, we all adapted. Tank rounds were deadly ( now they are stupid weak using the main turret to blast a enemy on foot, he still lives.. ? .. then all the complainers started on gears of war 2. they complained so much Gears of war 2 was updated and changed completely.. and one by one each game had a bunch of complainers and everything was adapted to suit them. I don't mean the connection complaints. i meant the " oh nerf this, nerf that, nerf that over there. it's just not fair ".. and then the worst, people started rocket sniping on bad company 1 ( towards the end). i took a break, bought BF4, and all i seen was Call of duty and halo play styles.. idk i can go on and on but yeah..
  10. last time I came here I heard a lot of bad stuff ( glitches ) for china rising, so I didn't download it yet. premium is on my to buy list aswell. so no I don't right now:/
  11. unlocking all the sniper rifles. I want that last rifle.
  12. thanks for the quick reply.. 9pm-10pm is good. I leave for work at 1045 BUT on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights im off so I can game on! edit: I always back out when dawn breaker map shows up, I always freeze 100% of the time there
  13. I'm playing alone. I can only do so much when my whole team plays worst than my 2 year old niece. I feel my stats are decent for playing alone. I mainly use recon and main battle tanks. I play mainly conquest ( I tried rush and TDM but my team was even worst). I go for flags, kill and go for more flags. I can play between 10am-10pm ( I work overnights). if I sleep in the morning then I'll be playing in the evening. and if I play in the morning then I sleep sometime in the afternoon. sorry if this thread isn't allowed, I'm desperate. I enjoy this game. I came to this conclusion when I had a squad mate drive the second tank. we covered eachother, dominated.. but I forgot to get his gamertag so that person Is long gone. strategically. if you drive tanks. we both follow eachother, shoot same targets, watch eachothers back. if you fly, make sure you take out the tanks, jets, helicopters,boats and other fast movers. if you run, make sure you focus on flags, kill others on the way. edit: I don't care if you have no mic, don't speak English. or hate talking.. just follow the above ^ and we can play flawlessly. I tend to hang around the green arrows if they are good.
  14. Guy, you're the one in need. I can function fine and if I get lonely ill just appear online and get 20 invites from clan members. So make the effort and send it over. I wouldn't tell anyone what I wouldn't do. I'm speaking from experience.
  15. Smh all about luck....? Just shoot, and when you shoot make sure you aim for the upper body and head. To be good, you just have to have good reflexes, know the flow of where people will be next, know your limits. ( if you can't shoot long range, don't run in the open areas, stick to CQC ( close quarter combat) .. But watch out for shotguns) This game ( like EVERY other game ) does take skill, but only a skill you can acquire playing other games. ( good reflexes , " game " smart , and have fun!) Edit: drew what's your timezone. If your American or play in American timezone ( sucks on lag if your from a different country ) feel free to add me
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