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  1. They claim that cloud save works now. Anyone can confirm it?
  2. ThaNX God the achievement for fully upgrading habitats went thru on both.
  3. Took them over a month to fix for me...been talking back and forth...
  4. They fixed it for me...took them a long time, but it works for a week straight. On mission 14... Hopefully will have time to finish it before it's delisted.
  5. Finally customer support fixed my game...back to business... and actually you can watch ads on your phone to collect diamonds .
  6. I have both WP & Windows set to USA....tried Canada and Trinidad....nothing worked...my friend's Zoo works on his phone...I have a Question for you: Did you request from customer support to give you a Welcome Bundle?
  7. Yes, it is set to USA. I reinstalled the game multiple times on my phone and PC and still SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE after trying to connect. Thank you Arsenic17 for your reply.
  8. The game doesn't work for a few weeks already, always get a massage after connecting...downloading... SERVICES ARE NOT AVAILABLE...anyone knows how to fix it?
  9. You have to have allies in order to get help by clicking on that phone icon in any battle. And I would also want to know how to share and donate your units.
  10. True, but it's a pain in the ass to wait that long if you use coins...besides there are so many diamonds around so why not to spend it?
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