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  1. Way longer one showing more features, didn't watch it all since I'm not actually following this game, just thought you guys who are would like it. http://www.vimeo.com/10473289
  2. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsTwjAFQUZc[/ame] There was supposed to be no media coverage until monday, but some guy went to the UFC Party and recorded + uploaded. I snagged it and put it back up after it went down. Enjoy!
  3. Haha, yeah, I didn't notice the little 1, I thought it would pop up a window like it does for PMs.

  4. Hah! That was a month late! Are you sure you're even browsing the site?! :p

  5. Thanks man! I'm still lurking around, just not posting a lot anymore.

  6. I haven't seen you on in ages man! Where have ya been?


    Happy Birthday! :)

  7. You need to fill the XP bar all the way up, so basically level 71. Strange, I agree.
  8. Started playing at 8 and slowly turned it down to 2. 1 seems a little too low, but 2 is perfect, you shouldn't need to look around very fast if you are playing tactically and are in the correct positions.
  9. It gets changed to that when you put FMJ on it. Just something left over from development I guess. Acts the same way as FMJ, just like the Red Dot sight appears as Mars sight on one of the guns.
  10. How's it going Slorm?

  11. It's real, this is how I did the mission, but I didn't get it in 3 seconds, more like 12. There's tons of videos of how to do it easily, just kill the truck full of guys and the 2 tanks to the left of it. You get a huge combo and instantly win.
  12. You guys are pretty gullible if you think all of those are real.
  13. What kind of amp do you have? You should always upgrade your amp before you upgrade your guitar. You can sound awesome with a good amp and shitty guitar, but a 1000$ guitar through a shitty amp will still sound like ass. Rondomusic.com has some good deals on guitars, I'd suggest upgrading the pickups on most of them though, but it still comes out to way cheaper than getting a guitar with the same pickups in it already. The Agile 3000 and 3100's are awesome guitars, on par with a Gibson LP standard in my opinion, and for a fraction of the cost. Get a good amp, then get a guitar that's quality, but meets your specifications, shape (you want to be comfortable), pickups (these can be upgraded if they aren't your first choice stock), bolt-on/neck through/solid body, 6string/7string, tremolo? 22 or 24 frets? Let us know these sorts of specs, and it's easier to recommend a guitar for you.
  14. Attack helicopters do. Pavelows should, but are bugged and don't always (ever?). Supposed to be only things from crates (sentry included) that don't count.
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