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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. It unlocked today for me. I had to look at all my collectibles and ribbons in the war journal. :-D
  2. Hi, today I unlocked my second to last achievement. Which was getting all the classes to lvl. 10. I was expecting the Seriously achievement to unlock right along side with it. But the tracker is still at 87 % (Which I think it was on before already). Does anybody know how to get this thing unlocked or am I screwed for good? Never had any problems with the achievements in this game. Everything unlocked just fine. Am I right that every requirement is connected to another achievement? Using that logic I should have gotten it? Shouldn't I ? Any help is highly appreciated!
  3. Hi, is it possible to do everything achievement related in one playthrough or do you need to play it multiple times for difficulties, different choices etc.? I am uncertain if I should start with hard difficulty or if I "save" it for a second run.
  4. Hi I am thinking about getting the game (since it is on sale), but the reviews have been less than average. Is this game really that bad? Personally, I like adventure games that focus mainly on story/dialouges. And the setting looks interesting. Any opinions or recommendations? Thanks
  5. Hi, I play this game now since its release date and I noticed quite a few achievements have 100% and a full green bar and are still locked. Just today I finished "Rock Band fan" and got nothing. I have 6 of these achievements now in total Is there anything known about glitched achievements or what to do if they do not unlock? .
  6. Hi, the thread name says everything that needs to be said, I guess :-D. I was thinking about getting this, since it is on sale right now. I just not sure if this is maybe too much of a kids' game or if it is actually a decent adventure/point n' click game. Opinions please
  7. Hi, I encountered a very weird bug today. I was about to start an arena match and wanted to pick my first troop, but even though I pushed on confirm nothing happened. I could not pick the troop and I couldn't back out. I restarted, only to find that my troops screen in the arena shows four empty slots. Thing is, when I klick on one slot I get a completely scrambled character card. As of now I can't start an arena match and apparently there is no way of backing out of the arena, or is there? I am really pissed right now, since arena is one of my favourite modes in the game. Any suggestions? Tried the usual, deleting the game etc.
  8. Thanks, just joint the guild and left a little something ;-)
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'd really like to join the XBA guild. Code is: BUBNEGG
  10. I'd like to join the XBA guild but to be honest I have not idea, where to find the invite code. Can someone please help me out?
  11. The description says: "coop gameplay" does this include a couch coop or is it just refering to online coop?
  12. Hi Pants, thanks for that quick reply! Your guide is awesome! I am using it since I started the game. That particular note about the collectible must haved slipped by. Still, you did an superb job with the guide. Such a huge game would be a pain in the ass to play multiple times (even though I like it very much, but with Fallout, MGS V, Rise of the tomb Raider.... just to name a few..... I try to avoid multiple playthroughs).
  13. Hi, I have huge problems finding "The story of John Henry - Part 1" it is supposed to be somewhere at the entry point of the rail nomad camp. But for the hell of it I can't find it and unfortunately the internet can't help me either. Can someone maybe tell me the exact location or post a screenshot or something'? Any help would be highly appreciated!
  14. There is actually a pretty good guide posted above. You can find the link in one of the earlier posts. The only thing I am uncertain of is if the guide is in a chronological order. Does someone know if it is? I'd like to start the game but since it is huge to begin with I really want to avoid a second playthrough just because of a missed achievement
  15. I know it's a lazy question but can anyone tell me the exact number of the missable achievements? The steam guide mentioned you have to choose one specific quest line to get everything. I was just wondering if there are a lot like mission specific achievements or collectibles you have to watch out for.
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