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  1. GT: Man Ho Kim Boosting online chievos. Wanna get this knocked out ASAP!
  2. There's TOUCH controls?!??! GOD DAMMMMIT!
  3. F**CKING LOOOVE this game! Default background music is soothing but gets repetitive. Phoenix wings, which are located in the Magma level, are the best until you can get hands on the final pair of wings (which you won't get until after you beat the game). Energy Wings make picking up gems and shiny things a lot easier. I forget what level they're unlocked in unfortunately. I remember it was pretty early on though. Other than that, I find the other wings were absolutely useless in comparison. Didn't have any trouble unlocking 200/200 so hopefully you shouldn't either!
  4. http://www.trueachievements.com/GamingSession.aspx?GamingSessionid=85357 We still need 6 more people for May 22!
  5. Arena and Glork chievos needed Message me anytime. I live in Hawaii but am online most of time (currently unemployed). GT: Man Ho Kim
  6. Need all online achievements. Message me anytime. GT: Man Ho Kim
  7. Yeah that's total BS. Unless Microsoft gives you a refund for pulling the game, there's no real justification for permanently removing it from the marketplace. You paid for it, it's yours. Also since, I'm assuming, the developers want to continue making money, they'll just change the game a bit so it lowers the M rate to a T. I think it was cuz of all the zombie blood. But hopefully this game comes back onto the WP7, I really wanted to get my hands on it even though it's repetitive like an MFer!
  8. Need online chievos Message me anytime GT: Man Ho Kim
  9. Need this chievo like everyone else. Message me any time and I'll let you know when I can participate GT: Man Ho Kim
  10. Need most online achievements. Send me a message anytime! GT: Man Ho Kim
  11. Need to get all the card and 10 player match wins. Currently do not own any of the DLC. Send me a message anytime and I'll respond the next time I'm on. GT: Man Ho Kim
  12. Great guide bro! You saved me tons of time, time which will be wisely spent on other achievements.
  13. Figured it out spamming :ybut: with the Shift Blade is all I had to. It stuns the robots. Does no one else visit this forum anymore? foreveralone.jpg
  14. Holy crap, now I'm having problems with "Ubertank". I can get the first robot down in 30 or so seconds using the :xbut::ybut: combo with the shift blade but then two robots appear and they just stomp my ass flat. Anybody got tips?
  15. YAAAAY! But it shouldn't have come to this in the first place. Bioware has always been on top of their games (pun intended). I've become sorely disappointed with them recently. But it does seem like a trend nowadays doesn't it? Every time you buy a "new" game it feels more like you're paying to play the beta version. Just look at Crysis 2.
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