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  1. Need help w online achievments add me mdad1988
  2. Seriously quote a mystery but I guess the game is all about salvaging and figuring it out lol be anyone wanna play add me mdad1988
  3. nyone wanna play thru coop with me? mdad1988
  4. im down got money in the bank but no nav table
  5. easy way to get perks and save gold and get wins... unarmed spamming up and Y. does the dropkick punch combo and it is my way to get glads 3 perks before even putting a weapon on. U can easily get the 5 wins in the 5 star difficulty place like this too. not to mention its good for level grinding/ silver farming with throwaway glads
  6. looking for a crew for shafted on die rise
  7. Anyone want to go key ? gnome collecting lol mdad1988
  8. I did easter egg last night, so ty for that one.. looking for people for shafted on die rise mdad1988
  9. looking to get full lockdown achievement, ill be on all day . mdad1988
  10. anyone trying to do the die rise easter egg High maintenance? mdad1988 im down to play right now or whenever
  11. i cant do one of the first quests "in wolfs clothing" because my bounty is to high, over 15k. Im not gonna make pies for 2 days so i didnt know if there was any easy way to reset this or if i should just make a new char
  12. looking to do all mob of the dead achievements, anyone want to play now or tomorrow? gt: mdad1988
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