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  1. Playing this now and just wanted to add that when you get to Cascafalls, if you talk to the elf with a few animals around her that she will give you 10 free lottery tickets. Also, in the starting city at the church you can get 5 free lottery tickets from the boy with the animals around him. Here's a couple more tips to speed up the prep for the 10 rounds against Enah: I started farming Deitus at level 84-ish with strength around 450-ish. This would take a few turns to kill him using Rapid Edge. Use 2 Thieves and 1 Villager as your party, or 2 cats if you got those from the lottery. Use Rapid Edge and Steal with the Thieves. They steal 1 Dream Fragment. Having 2 Thieves in your party also guarantees double loot at the end. So you will always get 2 Crystal (L) and usually 2 Dream Fragments also in addition to the one you stole. This drastically cuts down on farming time. Keep using the Dream Fragments on your Human Hero as you get them and pretty soon you'll be one-shotting Deitus with Rapid Edge. I was level 87 when I finished farming him and my strength was like 1500 (definitely overkill). With that I was able to one-shot Enah every round.
  2. I went ahead and cleaned my first post up a bit. Thanks again for the suggestions! It looks much nicer and reads easier now. edit: Oh wow. Yes that makes it a lot easier! That was the only link I didn't read before I posted. . Now I know to use that for any future guides. Thanks!
  3. I didn't really appreciate how much effort really goes into the Guides and Roadmaps until I read those links. Kudos to you all! Not sure I'm ready to work on an official one just yet but I can definitely clean this one up more and format it a bit better since its the only one here. I didn't even think of copy/pasting the achievement icons and doing a little Roadmap at the beginning. I'll work on sprucing this one up though
  4. Apologies in advance for this not being a Pant's Party quality guide! This is only a partial guide focusing on the more complex achievements because these guides take a lot of work and time. I blatantly tried to copy Pant's formatting and style though to make this a familiar read. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 - Offline: 35 [1000:1gs:] - Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25 Hours - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5 - Missable achievements: No - Does difficulty affect achievements: No (Unable to change difficulty) - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No - Extra equipment needed: No General Tips First, you should go here and read BloodGodAlucard's post on all the different Judgements (these are Subquests) and outcomes as well as the routes for the 5 different playthroughs. My game first booted up in Japanese. To change this to English, at the main menu choose the bottom option, then choose the bottom option again. The best thing I found not mentioned anywhere is that you can hit and it will return you to the world map from anywhere. Each character only has 3 abilities and one default weapon. You can't change this weapon, or even find new ones. Same with abilities. You can upgrade your weapon to lvl 50. If the current party has all weapons at lvl 50 then any new characters joining will also have their weapon at lvl 50. When you level up in this game your max SP doesn't increase which is why I recommend Source of Vitality from the Marketplace DLC. I finished all 5 endings in 30 hours. 19 hours for the first ending, which included going through all the Judgements and grinding up around level 80 which took 4 or so hours probably. I resolved 39 Judgements total. How high you level is up to you. I would say in the mid-60s or 70s is good if you don't want a challenge with anything other than the 4 Super Bosses. Each new playthrough carries over all your items, weapon levels, character levels, equipment and gold. You will need to complete Judgements again to get your favorite characters to join. Marketplace DLC I strongly recommend buying Chain of Destiny ($1.99 USD) from the Special Shop. This lets you turn off encounters, or set them to every step for leveling. You have to complete this game 5 times and trust me, that item will save you A LOT of time. I would complete the first ending and then decide if you need/want it or not. I ended up buying it halfway through the first ending to help level up and because random encounters were getting pretty annoying. I also bought Source of Vitality (HP/SP are fully restored after battle) since you don't auto-recover after each battle. Step 1: First Playthrough I focused on choosing Economy rewards. You need your Fame, Peace and Economy at 30 or higher for achievements. Later on in the game you can buy Fame points in the Miasma Pool and you can also farm Peace points by running back and forth between areas on the world map, bandits will randomly attack and each time you defeat them Peace will increase. Economy makes items go on sale in the shops but there is no way to buy increases for it. You'll easily get it from Judgements. Before I ended this playthrough I grinded in the Rufael Underground Ruins until I hit 200,000G (achievement). This money should last you through the rest of your playthroughs. I grinded up until the mid-40s in the Giant's Land and then from there until the mid-80s in the Underground Ruins. My final team ended up being the Arbiter, Blaze and Zazan. After the first playthrough I didn't bother to keep completing all the judgements and characters for the rest, so I would usually just complete Vctim of War and A Ruffian's Fate at the beginning to get Ficks and Durai and use that party all the way through. Step 2: Second Playthrough I focused on the achievements for -30 fame, -30 peace and -30 economy. I made a save before you finish the first Judgement then a different save to do -30 fame, reload back to the first save, do -30 peace, etc. With random encounters turned off, it only took an hour or so to rush through all the Judgements needed for each one. Here are the Judgements and outcomes needed for each achievement: Symbol of Disgust 10 Fame has fallen to -30 or lower. New Item Contract - Don't Marry Them Research Development Investment - Don't Invest The Captured Bandit - Don't Execute Him Man of Justice - Punish Victim of War - Forgive A Ruffian's Fate - Punish Spirited Away - Forgive A Key Figure Defects - Extradite Forbidden Thoughts - Allow Slum Full of Thugs10 Peace has fallen to -30 or lower. New Item Contract - Don't Marry Them Research Development Investment - Don't Invest The Captured Bandit - Don't Execute Him Medicinal Development 1 - Allow Medicinal Development 2 - Deny Man of Justice - Forgive Victim of War - Forgive A Ruffian's Fate - Forgive Spirited Away - Punish (have to do this to unlock Bad Doctor and The Heretic) A Key Figure Defects - Protect Forbidden Thoughts - Allow Who's the Mother? - Aggressive Bad Doctor - Forgive Stalker Victim - Sentence Revenger - Forgive The Heretic - Punish Excessive Self-Defense - Forgive her Deserted10 Economy has fallen to -30 or lower. **Note - You must complete certain NPCs judgements before they will talk to you about other NPCs judgements (ie, complete King's Judgement for Med Dev 2 before you can progress A Key Figure Defects to complete it to progress Bad Doctor *sigh*) New Item Contract - Don't Marry Them Research Development Investment - Don't Invest The Captured Bandit - Don't Execute Him Medicinal Development 1 - Allow Medicinal Development 2 - Deny Man of Justice - Forgive Victim of War - Forgive A Ruffian's Fate - Forgive Spirited Away - Punish A Key Figure Defects - Extradite Forbidden Thoughts - Allow Who's the Mother? - Aggressive Bad Doctor - Forgive Step 3-5: Third - Fifth Playthroughs Follow route choices from the link above and work on defeating the 4 Super Bosses on your fourth or fifth playthrough. Step 6: Clean Up Defeat the 4 Super Bosses. The 4th boss won't unlock until the 4th playthough but you can defeat them as they unlock or one after the other. They persist through all playthroughs after each one unlocks. The progress also tracks through the different playthroughs. Hero100 Defeated all boss enemies. These are the 4 Super Bosses. I cheesed these using Sleep and Poison Balls (these are unlocked by picking Item for the Tech Investment 2 Judgement) from the item shop. Use 2 of each on the boss and just keep using them, keeping Sleep and Deadly Poison effects on them until they die. You will get an in-game popup at the start of loading a cleared game file saying when each boss is available. Calamititan is located in Giant's Land. Anarchaos will spawn in the Rufael Underground Ruins in the second playthrough. The Betrayer will spawn in the Ancient Altar above the Giant's Land after unlocking 3 endings. Despair Dragon will spawn in the far right region of the map, Disaster Remains, through Alhabinia Border.
  5. As Pants said, this was the most enjoyable KEMCO rpg I've played so far. You can't auto through all the fights/grinding. You had to actually strategize on bosses and the capture quest monsters. With that said, I was coasting on the default jobs and decent equipment with Oroborus (for his atk all insta death), Aira for her heals and my last member was Brave just because I didn't have any trouble with anything up until the early-mid 50s when on the ice continent about 3/4ths through the game. I started not being able to beat the capture task monsters or bosses. I was focusing too much on the 'all' attacks and not enough on dps and higher level healing. Kuro is a dps beast with his Infernal Thrust skill followed by Triple Thrust on the next turn. I should also add I didn't buy any of the premium content (+xp, +dmg, etc). One annoying thing is you can't turn off random encounters in dungeons without purchasing the feature, although I wouldn't recommend it since you shouldn't be skipping fights or you'll be under leveled. You do get a party member you can ride on the world map to disable encounters though. My total time was about 23 hrs not including the Tower of Rao which added another 7 hours. I couldn't find anything on party setups or anything and I know some people (like myself) enjoy seeing them to compare or know how to set things up, so here's mine. I changed to this and used it through the rest of the game and had no issues after that: Cutler (Dps+support buffs+can heal all on crits): Changed class to Knight (lv 5) Eckesachs +5 (initial sp+10) (Had Hrotti+5 (crt power+50) prior) Blood Shield +5 (crt power +40) Anger Ring +5 (Crt power+ +30, crt rate +15) Carmina: Prepared for Battle (atk+crt rate 5% inc) Forbidden Aggression (deal a crit, 75% and 50% chance to deal additional damage to target) Aira (support+dps): Changed class to Diviner (lv 4) (this was a vast improvement, has an 'all' atk, a guarenteed crit atk and an auto recover and revive for a turn) Red Copper Harp +5 (sp recovery +2) Elven Shield +5 (initial sp+10) High Mana Ring +5 (initial sp +11, initial sp +4) Carmina: Forest Heretic (enter combat, DEF is +50% and all allies' DEF +25%) Desperate Temper (knocked out, 30% chance to revive with 40% of max HP) Kuro (Cerebus) (Dps): Daedalus's Axe +5 (crt rate +10) Shield of Strength +5 (crt power +30) High Power Ring +5 (Max HP +990, Atk+20%) Carmina: Erratic Aggression (end of turn, 30% chance to deal damage to random enemy) (upon looking at this I should switch this and forbidden aggression since kuro's skill increases crit rate for the next turn) Energy Overload (if hp is 100% when you attack, attack with 30% increased atk) Nghi (Gossamer) (healer): Crystal Fangs +5 (initial sp+10) Elemental Guard +5 (res +30) High Cure Ring +5 (Auto-Recovery) Carmina: One-time Miracle (knocked out, revive with 60% hp) Shield Bash (when you defend, you attack an enemy. dmg increased by DEF) Was able to defeat Bahamutina with the above setup in the mid-50s. =-Tower of Rao-= This is literally like a speedrun of the main game. It took me, no joke, about 7 hours. I died my first two times on the Floor 10 boss before realizing I had to take it seriously or else you are going to waste a lot of time if you die on the higher floors. My tips would be to fight all the random battles on each floor before you go higher. Each floor has a limit to the amount of random battles you can do. For reference, I finished the tower at lvl 59. Explore every area on every floor so you get all the gear/carmina/etc possible. You're not going to get every carmina that's in the main game. You can retreat from any boss fight as many times as you want if you think you are going to die. There will be a class change statue on every boss fight floor (every 5 floors). If you think you are going to die and are on a higher floor just dashboard and quit and use the auto-saved file to load back. If you die on a fight you don't get a 'retry' or 'return to title' option. You will get booted out of the tower and it will auto-save so there's no way of loading back in once that happens. I'll detail my party and tips below, for the party its just random what you get. I will say that I think there's no way to fail your Tower run unless you just don't take it seriously like I did and you're not grinding out the random encounters and putting thought into your party setup and carmina/gear. I definitely could have saved my first 2 failed runs if I wasn't expecting it to be easy mode. For all 3 attempts I got Ishiri as my first monster. Maybe that's just random though? So at least you'll get a healer early. I switched Aira to Diviner as soon as I was able and also when I had either Ishiri or Nghi for heals. I switched Cutler to Knight as soon as I was able, he'll auto change to Dragon Knight when/if you get that job upgrade item. I used Ishiri and Khid up until Floor 37 and then I got Kuro and changed my team to Kuro + Nghi. I was able to use Aira's Diviner skill Foretold Destiny to instakill the 2 unicorns for the Floor 35 boss. Was also able to use this skill on other boss fights when fighting more than 1 monster. It would usually work on the monsters to the left and right of the main boss who was in the middle. I used Ishiri for healing and Khid, the kelpie, (when i was using him) for DPS. He was the only way I won the Floor 35 boss fight. Use his Aqua Aegis skill every 3 turns to make you immune to the bleed/poison from the poison boss. After an hour of trying different combinations this was the easiest and only way I won that fight. I got Bahamutina on Floor 46. I only used her to get the 100k dmg achievement in the main game so I didn't keep her in my main party in the Tower. Although if you get her on earlier floors, I would use her cheesy 100k+ dmg method on the bosses although its obviously not required. There are tons of different party combinations and equipment and carmina! If something isn't working switch it all up and keep trying. My final Tower score was - 129,612 (enemy - 18,250 + boss - 111,362). No idea how this is calculated.
  6. Just 100%'d the game. Very straight forward. Some helpful hints over at rpginsanity for a few things. Final time was around 18 hours with no exp increasing items. There wasn't a complete list of Subquests I could find so here they are to save some time of running around in-game everywhere: The main story quest ends at Quest 75 and the post game ends at Quest 82 Subquest 1 What is Important Client: Steward Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Return a book to Madeline in the same town Reward: Ether S x2 Subquest 2 Memoy of One's Parents Client: Farrah Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Find a pair of Silver Rings in the Village Ruins of Alegria Reward: MP Herb x3 Subquest 3 Threat in the Corridor Client: Zed Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Defeat a powerful monster in the Pacifying Corridor Reward: Lodeston S x2 Subquest 4 Napping Intruder Client: Mia Location: Witch's Haven Collect some Morning Basilis at the Magma Sea and give it to the magma sheep sleeping in the Mia's home to wake it up Reward: Fossilized Leaf Subquest 5 Petalus Residents' Anxiety Client: Olivia Location: Floral City of Petalus Defeat 5 Bone Skulls on Vitah Ridge Reward: Water Charm Subquest 6 Hide-and-Seek Prelims Client: Rudy Location: Floral City of Petalus Find some children in the same city twice who use magic to make themselves nearly invisible Reward: Strawman 2 Subquest 7 Pursuer of History Client: Stanley Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Obtain 3 Shears from the Abominable Cutters that live in the Argent Cage. Reward: Defense Artifact Subquest 8 Blocked Access to Wealth Client: Gerald Location: Floral City of Petalus Defeat a monster that lives in the Town Ruins of Rabrint Reward: STR Herb x3 Subquest 9 Grahn's Legacy Client: Kerra Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Collect Wheat, Seed Potatoes & Beans from the Amber Village of Grahn Reward: Counter Charm Subquest 10 Funeral Ceremony Client: Vaughn Location: Floral City of Petalus Defeat 8 Bright Bears in the Amber Village of Grahn Reward: Mana Core Subquest 11 Replicas on the Loose Client: Holly Location: Floral City of Petalus Capture 3 Beryl Replicas that fled to Vitah Ridge Reward: INT Herb x6 Subquest 12 Magic to Protect Allied Headquarters Client: Fred Location: Allied Headquarters Collect 5 Cold Cores from the Frozen Slimes in Liniya Cave Reward: Ticket x10 Subquest 13 Uninvited Visitor Client: Genius Sheep Location: Ice Flower Mansion Search out 2 Genius Sheep in the Subzero Lagoon Reward: Lodestone M x2 Subquest 14 Miden Souvenirs Client: Dorthy Location: Allied Headquarters Collect 3 Nectar and 3 Strange Fruit from the Full-Bloom Flowers that inhabit Wamuda Garden Reward: Strength Artifact Subquest 15 Returning a Favor Client: Irina Location: Floral City of Petalus (Arena) Defeat some dangerous monsters in the Witch's Crucible Reward: Giant Charm Note: There's a man with the quest bubble above his head here but he will run off after you talk to him. Re-enter the building and Irina should be there instead and you can get the quest. Find the monsters in the little room right before the second area in Witch's Crucible. Subquest 16 Safe Passage Client: Francesca Location: Allied Headquarters Kill 10 Unruly Wyverns in the Watered Town Ruins of Matarl Reward: Energy Herb x3 ***POST GAME*** Subquest 17 Unknown Challenger Client: Isaac Location: Allied Headquarters Kill 8 Bone Fragments from the Freakish Skulls in Vensedol Castle Reward: Drop Stone Subquest 18 Biological Research Client: Faith Location: Allied Headquarters Defeat 13 Twin-Headed Sheep in the Village Ruins of Sereno Reward: Fire Scroll Subquest 19 Secret Support for Leila Client: Fan Club Member Location: Council Hall Defeat a giant monster in Wamuda Garden Reward: Omni Charm Subquest 20 Protector of Catherine's Home Client: Markus Location: Jurisdictive Town of Stohl Investigate a suspicious figure seen lurking in front of Catherine's house in Matarl and report back to Markus Reward: Mysterious Bearskin
  7. So I was having a hard time beating the final boss (not the true end final boss, but that one still took a while). I used the suggestions here for my team build. I should add I didn't buy the damage or exp DLC so that would have made things way easier. I didn't have to change up my team or really focus on tactics up until the final boss. Also I think the boss buff 'Bale' is a shield that soaks up so much damage/hits/crits, not turn based, before disappearing. So the 20-Bale I was able to take down in a few turns with some big crits. Also, it took me around 23 hours to 100% the game. --For beating the White Pancho I was getting annoyed with it going invulnerable or whatever and just put that battle on auto with the below team. It took maybe 5 minutes but they beat him. --For Quest 100 it took me about 20-30 mins of walking around to encounter it --In the post game the Silent Forest is able to be completed. If you go West then East, you'll get some new equipment. --Hacock is in Tuulose and in the throne and in the western part of the screen in some rubble is new treasure. Here's my final boss team + equipment, Asagi isn't essential, you can swap him for anyone: Chloe - lvl 64 Phantom Rod +5 Mighty Robe +5 Conjuer Ring +5 Carmina: Vitaly Deluge / Health Vitality Lloyd - lvl 61 Chaos Sword +5 Dark Mail +5 High Warrior Ring +5 Carmina: Strongman / Vitality Revive Eileen - lvl 61 Garlan Ore Staff +5 Rune Shoulder +5 Sage Ring +5 Carmina: Swift One / No Immobility Asagi - lvl 63 Legia +5 Black Robe +5 High Warrior Ring +5 Carmina: Concentration / Watching Saint In the Post Game I just threw on +exp rings on everyone while I went through the new areas to the true final boss. Here's my team + equipment for the true final boss: Chloe - lvl 77 Black Dragon Tail +5 Chasm Robe +5 Sage Ring +5 Carmina: Vitaly Deluge / Health Vitality Lloyd - lvl 76 Chaos Sword +5 Chaos Mail +5 High Warrior Ring +5 Carmina: Strongman / Vitality Revive Eileen - lvl 75 Yggdrasil Staff +5 Rune Shoulder +5 Transcender Ring +5 Carmina: Swift One / Firm Being (should have kept no immobility) Asagi - lvl 77 Legia +5 Black Robe +5 High Warrior Ring +5 Carmina: Concentration / Fighting Sense
  8. Just 100% the game and here's some tips and such along with the location of all the companions (even though this isn't an achievement). To start you only need 7 treasury keys as you get one in-game A couple companions need things from other companions before they join: -Pyro bauble is received from Molly -Talk to Owen for tool set Combo Pro (50-hit combo): Do this on the powered-up butler at the end of the secret battle arena as suggested by pants party Put the difficulty on expert: I first dumped all my speed stuff on Alan. Here are my teams, level in parenthesis with their speed skill. Alan (95): spd 420 hosea (93) ingrid (91) stanley (89) Raine (96): spd 292 troy (90) Willy (65) Biff (90) Gil (95): spd 327 -companions don't really matter here- bobby (90) maximus (89) Elinoir (89) First turn, butler kills alan group (if not, keep retrying until he does) Then my next turns were as follows: -Revive alan with Gil -Raine is next and uses heart catcher skill with Willy -Use Burst on Alan: Tragic ender (atk x8) hosea: aqua cannon (atk x5) stanley: infinity tear (atk x8) ingrid: aqua lancer (atk x6) -Gil - tempest (atk x6) -Alan - Tragic ender (atk x8) -Alan - Tragic ender (atk x8) -Raine - Troy uses cross divider (atk x9) -done- COMPANION LIST AND LOCATION: Human: natalie - sirhyus village leona - sirhyus village maurice - rubeus town shade - topace port oliver - altare town rei - dennev town - ruins corrine - rubeus town sullivan - topace port hosea - munlus tunnel bobby - helianth town ingrid - topace port dresser - sirhyus village barrel - veynahs port bertrand - dennev town - ruins merrick - rubeus town devin - dragon spring chief claudius - stonwahl fort (post game) Ogre: taliesin - rubeus town fergus - sirhyus village glen - altare town selma - topace port maddock - rubeus town cassandra - ambur village minerva - rubeus town maureen - korhall port sophia - veynahs port conroy - ambur village owen - helianth town tasha - yasrag tower ronan - helianth town arnold - altare town biff - rubeus town galvyn - Mt. Fahyre garfield - topace port troy - tiloh town flower pot - klei village fabled club - korhall port rubble - ambur village elliot - glynmer ruins farrel - rubeus town mikaela - arkus town - ruins chief sheridan - rubeus town (post game) Elf: kallie - sirhyus village (innkeeper) max - sirhyus village marissa - altare town theresa - ambur village sorsha - altare town lachlann - rubeus town alexa - topace port darren - veynahs port nathan - veynahs port lacey - klei village huey - tiloh town abigail - Mt. Fahyre melanie - altare town annabelle - sirhyus village elinoir - tiloh town patricia - altare town cedric - helianth town kylah - klei village isaac - topace port bookshelf - sirhyus village crate - veynahs port stanley - altare town matthias - rubeus town kendrick - helianth town chief ergaon - altare town (post game) Anima: Hopper - starphul woods CHeetah - klei village woodsy - Mt. Fahyre leon - helianth town luther - veynahs port hobbes - tiloh town scat - tiloh town akela - glynmer ruins kingsly - tiloh town tabby - veynahs port lennard - kozwe pass willy - sirhyus village felicia - helianth town molly - altare town figaro - altare town armand - klei village maximus - helianth town tuskor - dragon spring vlad - kozwe pass chief mirabel - helianth town (post game) Itherian: (post game) finn - alvondale addiena - alvondale lynelle - alvondale byron - alvondale seth - alvondale monster: amon - abyss lilith- abyss lamiah- abyss Last 5 automatically get in post game Summon/Special: Butler Double - butler spire Hope this helps!
  9. Yup same here. Also the achievement for completing the normal mapmaker challenge not unlocking even though I have the gold challenge achievement unlocked.
  10. Just finished this game in 9.5 hours, although I bought all the DLC except the encounter one. I would suggest buying the 3x mining and the HP/MP refresh after battle if you had to pick some to buy. Without those it would definitely be a slog to 100% in my opinion. Some other tips: -Check the barrels in the towns. A question mark will come up and you can get items/gold from them. -I wouldn't buy the Fury Ring (100% exp) from the store unless you just have spare mana points. I would buy the key to the Ancient Dungeon first and the ring second if you really want it. The Ancient Underground Path boss can drop Books of Attainment. My first two times beating him (you can repeat the dungeon) it dropped a book of attainment but my third time he just dropped gold. Also the mining points at the higher level floors (12 or 13-15) you can mine the high level stuff needed to make and upgrade your armor/weapons as well as the scales of wrath. There are 2 Books of Discipline there as well (these don't respawn though). -Pants got one of the boss quest dragons mixed up. The Crimson Dragon is in the Elda tower and Azure Dragon is in Leviathan Cave. -The armor route I took: Protect from all magic. Resistance to abnormal states up Plate Mail->Steel Armor->Providence Armor Steel Dress->Protection Dress->Magic-Breaker Dress Gothic Robe->Battle Dress->Maid Dress
  11. Just finished/100% this. Think I was around 30 hours. Basically just follow Pants Party's thread. It's very linear. You don't need to do any side quests unless you want to or do anything really except follow your quest journal steps. You'll pick up armor/weapons/items in the dungeons. I didn't do any jewel synthesizing and honestly didn't even focus on jewels until toward the later part of the game when I was in phantasma. Up until that put I was just putting +spd/str/int/hp jewels on everyone. This was on easy difficulty though. Just thought I'd share some notes and my end game setup for the boss for the True Endings since I couldn't really find anything about this stuff. Also, you can steal from bosses (easiest way to use Felix's trust attack) and they will still drop their loot at the end. So if I boss will drop the maid tincture, you can steal it and it will still drop so you'll have 2. Same for the different rubix (rubixes?rubixii?). Messy non-formated notes. Also where certain items I found were: -Don't buy weapon for Felix in Sanlo. Will find better one in dungeon -Don't buy for Celine (fan) -get an iron cloak for stella or uriel in dungeon (def 90) -get a large rubix upstairs in holz checkpoint -hidden wall in alvin city item shop with medium rubix -hidden wall in alvin city weapon shop -scorpion tail weapon and virgor headband in forest -got large rubix from boss drop fight in forest -talk to maid at inn in karanka village for new formation (violence gear) -beat strategy formation in gemini tower -large rubix in gemini tower -square rubix from julius in gemini tower boss fight -square rubix from venessa in gemini tower boss fight -no buy weapons in gutenberg , get tail and fan in dungeon (tralles shrine) -julius - guard against sleep when fighting (can steal hp+8 jewel) -large rubix in north mt. hoba -bendigo shrine - whip for stella, lead bp, -seyfert temple x2 - parasol, trust rubix, crystal dress, trust rubix (boss drop + steal) -katarins temple x2 - crystal dress, crystal sword, drop jewel, trust rubix from boss slimes -eternia - 1st floor - (fan, force vest = after mini boss), first-strike jewel, variant jewel, hp+16, titan jewel, parameter jewel, pickaxe -2nd floor - dwarf jewel, maid's brewx10, void jewel#2, -2nd floor depths - 20jewel, next jewel, impatient jewel End game: This is what I beat the final final boss with all 5 times for the endings. Use Felix to take out one of the metal thing with basic atks (with the 20 jewel equipped). use Uriel's trust attack her first turn, buff with felix and celine, use shadow magic with uriel and stella, Zak will be beserk so may get lucky and crit and take out the other metal thing, after buffs keep using lightning bolt and will usually paralyze the boss once uriel's trust atk wears off. Use items as needed (maid's tincture when the mp/hp switch happens for example). Revive items/spells don't seem to work so don't waste those. Nobody died using the strategy above. Also note, the only thing I bought from the AHP store were cookies. Had 30 AHP from rocks. And I just grinded the bronze arena on hard to get enough for the items that lower or raise compatibility levels or whatever. End Game Party and Gear: All lvl 95 edit: Used Violence Gear formation Zak: Magic: lvl 75 Oblivion Blade Over Vest Final Rubix (6 jewels)-Str+32, Berserk Jewel, Life Jewel, Str+16, Str+8, Str+2) Stella: Magic: lvl 77 Oblivion Whip Over Coat Trust Rubix (4 jewels)-All-in-one jewel, mighty jewel x2, red jewel) Celine: Magic: lvl 77 Oblivion Fan Over Vest Trust Rubix (5 jewels)-Life jewel, Mighty Jewel, Intelligence Jewel, spd+8, str+2) Felix: Magic: lvl 77 Oblivion Tail Over Armor Trust Rubix (4 jewels)-HP & MP jewel, 20 Jewel, spd+32, spd+4) Uriel: Magic: lvl 77 Oblivion Parasol Over Coat Final Rubix (3 jewels)-impatient jewel, non-prismic jewel, spirit jewel) I forgot to fill in the rest of the rubix with jewels because i forgot. Hope this helps.
  12. I beat the game and 100%'d this last year and found my notes from it. I couldn't really find much (at the time, not sure about now) and most of it was google translating Japanese pages. These builds are just what I did. Here's some additional tips and what my classes and gear were. Also what I did for the final boss and the vampire maidens fight. Hope this helps someone. Save often just in case your party gets one-shotted (I have had this happen haha) Classes I first started characters as their intended class. Probably better to make a character class starting with the first class change as the main class but making the stats suited for the final class (ex: for fighter, start as samurai but use base stats for a fighter - this will give an extra class change, except for cleric/wizard. Don't class change those until late). This is how I did my characters (I should have went straight to Samurai instead of starting as Fighter, but it all worked out in the end) (Final party was: Fighter, Knight, Ninja, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric) -Make main char oldest (60?) Also note: -Start a ranger at lvl 1 then immediately switch (need the HP inspect skill on someone else in case ranger dies) Fighter -> samurai (13) -> Dancer (14) -> Ninja (15) -> knight (13) -> Ranger (28) -> Fighter knight -> ninja (15) -> dancer (14) -> Fighter (13) -> Knight ninja (15)-> samurai (13) -> Dancer (14) -> Knight (13) -> Fighter (13) -> Ninja ranger (28) -> Dancer (14) -> Fighter (28) -> ???* (in my play through I didn't class change ranger at all) wizard (27) -> Dancer (18) for Item Trick 2 -> cleric (25) -> Wizard (in hindsight, change classes toward the endgame when you level up faster ) cleric (25) -> Dancer (18) for item trick 2 -> wizard (27) -> Cleric (same as above) *Ranger is going to need some def abilities before switching to final class, maybe ninja and knight skills Class Stats: Fighter - AGI -> 25 then LUC (if dual-wielding)* *going to need 20str and 20luc if duel wielding swords for end game. if using knuckles - need luc 20's Ninja -> AGI to 25 first then LUC (max) then AGI (max) then STR also PIE to 10 Knight -> STR 25 then VIT (30) and go LUC (20) (Get 10 PIE for 1hd, 11 PIE for 2hd) Ranger -> 24 STR + 29 AGI (end game bow), 23 LUC (lots of bows have 10 PIE req) (would get 10 PIE after STR) Cleric - 22 PIE + 22 INT Wizard - 20 PIE + 20 INT Divinity Path: flash escape holy light 1 black wall 1 x charge 1 soul wall 1 sword bond 1 holy light 2 dragon fist 1 soul wall 2 black wall 2 dragon fist 2 giant 1 light veil saint sign Where to go in the beginning of the game and what to do: -Go to Valley of the ruined in slums first before M. of Fire - then shadow palace -Must turn in 3 blood crystals (to anyone) to progress story -Go to M.o.f and at locked door, must defeat 2 lineages in east forest . first is in north east part (east of stone) . second is lower east, with the item from the first lineage to get through the hidden path -turn in blood crystal. Talk to Marilith or whoever, exit and enter guild base a few times. Will begin quest A New Labyrinth -Before mausoluem of sea, must complete the m. of fire. After events go into gate at north of valley M. of fire - ambush fly underground then ambush next above ground -After m. of fire events can progress through m. of sea -Suggest grinding m. of ice before sea, then going through m. of sea *ghost town is through the m. of metal* Other tips: -4hrs per battle while reviving/recovering -Kraken use holy weap on -Mythril golem is a spirit -Sword bond buffs and light veil are always in effect Unique Gear/Weapons to collect (with what stats needed to equip) that is anti-immortal(demon): Muramasa: agi20 all type shield emperor: vit26 luc21 all type skyland shield: vit23 all type spear empress: luc20 skyland armor: vit23 demon dran katar: agi28 all type small muramasa: agi15 all type mechanic armor: vit21 demon, god gold bow: agi20 luc15 demon Anti-God weapons/gear (including what stats needed to equip): Sword 1h: drancaliber (S) - all type , crit str/luc20 X brand (S) - all type, k.o. - all stats need to be +20 to use Katana 1h: (Small muramasa?) Tadashi Komura (A) 57 66x3 Muramasa (S) Prob weapon too high level to drop (characters are too low level with avg of 40): Lunar Tadashi Komura (S) 125x3 Lunar Tadashi Omura (S) 158x3 Tadashi Kamimura (S) 181x3 Spear 1h: Dran Pike (S) - all type - str/vit25 - 2h: valkyrius (S) - all type str23 hades's halberd (S) - str27 vit22 - 602x1 - human/creat/imm/spirit Bow: Dran bow (S) - all type - str24 agi29 - 466x1 Shield: dran shield (S) - all type 24str 29vit Hat: Hair ornaments of the star of the seat (A) 65 Barrette of Muramasa (A) 69 (Muramasa Band) - god agi25 lumi's tiara (S) - demon Armor: Armor of clockwork (A) 63 -2 hit 7avoid 23def (check) (this is mechanic armor) dran shell (S) - all type vit30 Helmet: Helmet of clockwork (A) 65 shogun helmet - dropped (S) dran head (S) - all type vit 29 Accessory: phoenix trinkets (A) 57 (phoenix equipment? gives auto revive) Start of the seat of the ankh (A) 65 (star ankh) (from mimic I think) Got a rare talisman (dark dragon scale (S)) from mimic treasure trap Clothing: muramasa clothes (S) - god agi25 star clothing of some sort? (S) - village clothing (S) - Eltha Robe (S) - int20 pie20 - human/creat/imm/spirit/demon Undies: Skyland Undies (A) 63 - demon int/pie 20 Star Undies (A) ?? - all type int/pie 22 dragon god's aura (S) - spirit god's aura (S) - dran tights (S) - all type vit28 overlord's aura (S) - This stuff above is dropping at party level - 33, 38, 38, 39, 27, 26 ~ avg 40 Vampire Maidens: *For the fight I switched my Wizard and Cleric to Dancers for triple item use* Going to want to farm anti-immortal weapons in Ark - (straight ahead) kinwazabyo - every type of loot drops - even got small masamune from gold katana chest, equip all for lineage fight. Fight strategy: Have Wiz and Cleric use triple item use - spam multi-hit and multi-avoid, enhance magic, use large holy bottles for vampire adds, use anti-immortal weaps (ones with double circle) *GO FARM THESE IF HAVE NONE*, beserk on fighter , attack with everyone even knight Final Boss Strategy: Divinity: -holy light 2 -light veil -keep up black wall 2, giant, soul wall 2 fighter - genocide knight - iron def ninja - assassinate + crit hit ranger - attack + snipe wiz - master cast + tri bolt + enhance magic cleric - master cast + avoid/hit + enhance magic - heal as needed, force guard, divine armor on knight My final Gear, Levels, Stats, Talent: Fighter lvl 36 (13 fighter>13 samurai>14dancer>15ninja>28ranger>fighter): hp: 1927 Main/off hand: Sky Castle Sword/Small muramasa head: hunter's Mask+12 body: mechanic armor+6 underwear: light aura acc: str amulet+18 Res: 28 SRes: 26 sen: 17 Talent: chosen one 24str 9int/pie 20vit 29agi 10luc hit 47 avoid 42 def 106 absorb 22 skill: katana soul hunter's secret cicada shell assassin dagger assassination weapon trick dual wielding evade training Kinght lvl 40 (13kinght>15ninja>14dancer>13fighter>knight): hp:2469 main/off: dran pike/shield emperor h: dran head b: dran shell under: dran tights acc: dark dragon scale res/sres/sen: 64/55/6 talent: invincible 26str 6int 10pie 30vit 6agi 26luc hit 45 avoid 54 def 151 absorb 64 skill: weapon trick counterattack unyielding will cicada shell illusion evade training assassin dagger Ninja lvl 40 (15ninja>13samurai>14dancer>13fighter>13knight>ninja): hp: 1296 main/off: muramasa/dran katar head: muramasa band b: muramasa clothes und: dragon god's aura acc: stranger's badge res/sres/sen: 41/45/6 talent:invincible 12str 7int 10pie 15vit 33agi 28luc hit 67 avoid 54 def 75 absorb 29 skill: counterattack trick 1 weapon tick carnage front trained def duel wielding unyielding will tetra-step Ranger lvl 42 (no class changes): hp: 1152 main hand: dran bow (2h) h: lumi's tiara b: crystal shadow und: spirit god's aura acc: dragon scale +8 res/sres/sen: 39/43/29 talent; wild eye 26str 7int 6pie 18vit 27agi 24luc hit 63 avoid 31 def 62 absorb 26 skill: none Wizard lvl 31 (30wiz>26clr>18dancer>wiz): hp: 1326 main/off: holy wand+7/holy shield+5 h: wizard's cone+15 b: eltha robe und: star undies acc: star ankh res/sres/sen: 38/40/84 talent: intuition 7str 29int 26pie 15vit 10agi 8luc hit 40 avoid 40 def 93 absorb 21 skill: mana heal 2 trick 2 holy spirit learn holy 4 learn holy 2 master saint Cleric lvl 30 (30cleric>27wiz>18dancer>cleric): hp1331 main/off: grand soul wand+9/mythril shield+5 h: star barrette b: spirit robe +11 und: elder tights+10 acc: phoenix equipment+1 res/sres/sen: 37/41/47 talent: educated 6str 10int 32pie 15vit 11agi 20luc hit 40 avoid 31 def 106 absorb 15 skill: trick 2 enhance magic sword song magic master master cast learn magic 4
  13. You're welcome for the tips! I'm no pants party though with all the awesome guides . Glad my frustration of missing things and having to start a new game a few times saves others from doing the same.
  14. I'm 99% sure the final Iver/Bolverk battle counts toward this achievement (correct me if I'm wrong). Played through the first time on hard not losing any battles except the iver/bolverk one and it didn't pop. Tried to reload back to before the fight but still couldn't get it to pop even after winning. Did a whole new hard playthrough with winning the final battle first time and it popped right as the credits rolled. Some tips are give Iver (I had him at lvl 10) an item right before he leaves the party that will help against Bolverk, +brk or +str, and to strip Bolverk (he was lvl 8) of items before his last fight against eyeless. *I loaded an easy save with no losses for this playthrough, so I can't attest to the fact losses carry over
  15. I had no idea this was a glitchy phone port of a game when I bought it. I couldn't find any information on the achievements so figured I'd post this to help others since it was quite frustrating missing some and not be able to backtrack to find them. These are just my notes and tips. Hope it helps someone. Hunter x Hunter (not glitched any more): Slay Hunter in the Dark. Fight black cats in the Underworld sewers 3 or 4 times then fight the Hunter by the dead guy south of entrance. Hidden Treasure (missable): Collect all the hidden treasures. 5 clues total: 1-in meadow hills interact with the turnip, give to lady north who says she's hungry (missable after second half of game) 2-lady in guardis castle to the left (missable after second half of game) 3-shindusk debtor by train in brown/grey at east side, keep talking to him 4-guy in blue in Maelon City, first person you see (missable before end of game) 5-debtor in red scarf southeast in maelon city) (missable before end of game) harvest me, harvest me - outside west of maelon near field (atk +5) city like stars - southwest of maelon against the city (immune to stun) get wet - east of haleberry woods on riverbank (atk +5) west of the rising fields lies an object of value - west of meadow hills (atk +2) this is the final stop, between a rock and a hard place - west of shindusk outskirts - surgical engine (100heal) Overpowered: Deal over 2000 damage with one attack (has to be one single attack, not 2000 spread out between multiple enemies): fight 3-4 enemies (near meadow hills, etc, not by shindusk, so they are stunnable) Here's the turn order and cards I used with Gladia doing the final attack: Ferras: Haste Blast of Frailty - Def to 0 Invigoration - raise target atk 50% Valencia: soothing wave - all stun Gladia: Gear - (supreme aggressor (+25 atk), detonating bolts (assult double dmg), onslaught emblem (one extra assault tactic) Haste Haste furious missile - atk+50% furious missile II - atk+75% below the belt (needs to be an assault tactic) Speedhunter: Complete the game in less than 5 hours **This is basically an abbreviated walkthrough with SPOILERS. I listed my time and level at certain points. At the end I have my gear and cards listed for the last boss fight.** home - get chest, talk to dad, go to mayor at meadow hills meadow hills - talk to mayor, go to woods north, kill monsters to north, go back to mayor, get ferras, go to holt east holt - kill bear boss in NE inspect wreckage, go back to mayor. go to guardris castle guardis - treasure map from girl in west room. talk to mayor. go home, talk to dad. go to borderlands. borderlands - beat boss go to shindusk shindusk - talk to people, spawn roth, talk to roth, go to warehouse, get chest, back to roth. go to shindusk outskirts shindusk outskirts - go south, join up with roth. go to maelon city. maelon city - talk to guy, go to underworld, go to right, talk to other guy to get fake IDs, go to maelon and north west corner (talk to guards to trigger hunter quest). talk to kromp scientist. go to mines west mines - kill monsters, push A button, walk out front gate, back to maelon lab,go east to factory factory - go south, pickup gadgets. place rods down, warning will sound when correct, return to lab. **point of no return for missable hints** go to gaudris castle (1hr 52min - lvl 12) guadris castle - secret passage on east wall of room next to guards that won't let you through. get thrown in dungeon when find thief. dungeon - hidden passage in southwest room with boxes on east wall. follow path. meet mayor. go to cliffstead east cliffstead - disarm 3 tanks, go to meadow hills to west, talk to ferras dad. meadow hills - reveal to girl in green dress, reveal to villager northeast of well. go to wayfarer's holt east. holt - disable 2 tanks. south east corner talk to ferras dad. Need to find 2 spies. go to meadow hills west and take beaker outside house to the northwest. go south and interact with a turnip. go back to tinker house north and fight him. go to cliffstead, enter house (will see arrow), inspect barrel by door. go south and will fight aremis. After battle go back to holt. Scene and then go back Home. home - Talk to marcus. Go to shindusk. (can't return to holt once you talk to marcus) (3hr 17min - lvl 21) shindusk - go south and talk to debtor in blue shirt/red pants. **Point of no return (as of now). There's a bugged fight that won't let you leave Maelon city once you enter and you can't return to the world map from this point on** I would suggest if you're under 4.5 hours to go ahead and beat the game to get the Speedrunner achiev. If you're over 4.5 hours then just grind out levels until you hit the cap (30) and start a new game for the speedrun. go to maelon city. go to underworld. open gate near rebels. go to lab from path. hit 'A' button north to open gate. confront lab guy. (3hr 56m) lvl 23 - Get rid of stun effects gear to prepare for the upcoming boss fights (all immune to stun/confusion/freeze) - fight mini boss robot. fight lab guy (halves magic dmg). Can't stun. Kill once, he powers up, kill again. On top of roof fight last boss (starts off with stun all, double dmg stun, protection from next magic, all def to 0) hands heal and debuff. Immune to stun, confusion, freeze. Can debuff def to 0 though. Beat boss and get on helicopter. (4hr 14min finished) final boss party setup: Gladia - 25 - tachyon multiplier (assult tactics target all enemies), detonating bolts (assault tactics deal double dmg), defence incubator (assault tac double def for next turn) Arcane avoidance (don't need) furious missile x2 furious missle II x2 hail of bolts x3 hail of bolts II x2 haste x2 protective stance x2 reactive strike recover wide sweep ferras - 25 - surgical engine (assault tactics heal 100 hp), concussion filter (immune to stun), large orcal (+30 mana) battering force x2 blast of frailty x2 cure x2 defend evasion gather gaudium healing waves invigoration rejuvenating energy thaumic bolt x2 roth - 25 - tactical initiator (first action), chrono doubler (assault tactics let you play another card), surgical engine (100 hp heal) block daring blow haste drain life protective stance provoking strike reactive strike retribution x2 retribution II safeguard sihpon of violence stun grenade x2 thaumic shield this means war wide sweep valencia - 24 -large orcal (+30 mana), thaumic accelerator (+15 magic), surgical apparatus (50 hp heal) cleaving force defend deviant whispers evasion gather dolorum reset the energies x2 thaumic slash x3 weakening wait for it
  16. This isn't meant to be a walkthrough or anything but just wanted to share some tips and notes that I took while getting a 100% on this. Hopefully this helps some people. Encounter Tokens The hardest token for me to get was High Priestess. I had to search for the requirements to unlock it and most were conflicting reports about it. I unlocked it with 4 blessings and 1 curse. I wasn't able to unlock it with 3 blessings and 0 curses or 2 blessings and 0 curses. I did this on endless. For Caustic Geyser token you need to have gloves equipped to be able to progress. For The Tavern you need to get 1 failure, 1 huge success then choose to attack the captain, you'll then have to fight the King of Dust + another (I think), win and get the token. Achievements For the Dragon Slayer achievement, you DO NOT need to have the Dragon Breath (artefact) equipped. I got the achievement without having it. I followed the guide by IcyThrasher at TrueAchievements of doing this on the King of Plague level. For Arch Mage achievement, you need Mage's Folly helm ( NOT Mage's Scorn) and Mage gloves. To kill the Minotaur just hit him 2 times with your weapon then dodge out of the way until he hits 4 times then hit him 2 more times, dodge, repeat. It takes a little bit but he'll die, I've done it with a rusty axe. Equipment Blood Crescent is probably the best weapon in the game. Insta kill when an enemy is prone and you can use it's weapon ability and pay 12 life (I think) to one hit KO any of the bosses (except last boss). If you have the Lightning Crash or Eye of the Storm artefact equipped you can use this to get past Dark Dwellers. With this equipped a third option to get past the Dark Dwellers is presented and you can choose to use your artefact to get by. This will not use up any charges on your artefact or make it go away. The Rat Cleaver counts as an axe. So if you have Headman's Blessing then each kill with this will count. Hag's Wraps are a must. They are cheap to buy and slow/curse the enemy with each hit. If you have a quick weapon then you can hack away at a boss and they will start moving and attacking in slow-mo usually letting you kill them before they even finish 1 attack. Enemies I always thought the King of Dust healed the other bandits since he does some kind of spell that effects them all, so I would always kill him first and the minions last. I think this is some kind of atk/speed buff because it's certainly not a heal. Kill the minions first, the King won't heal them. Don't try to counter-attack skeletons (with shields) or the lizards (with shields). They will block your attack and leave you vulnerable for a second. This is bad news if you're in a swarm of enemies. Just dodge away and then shield bash them then attack. Encounter Cards Depending on what achievement you are going for depends on how you want to configure your deck. Here's just what I usually had in my deck and some notes on them. I'll list the ones with blessings and then the ones I keep in my deck. I'm not listing every card, so I'll be missing some. Some of the benefits/punishments may vary. S=success HS=huge success F=failure HF=huge failure Blessings: The Altar - 1S = 1 blessing 1HF = lose all blessings Desert Cult - Offer your blood for 2 health pain cards, this will either give you 1 blessing, increase your max health, or nothing. I found that this usually gave me a blessing - Deline to offer blood and you fight some enemies, get 2 max health pain cards, get 1 artefact. The Tavern - 1F, 1S = 1 Gain, 1 Blessing - 1F, 1HS = choose attack the captain = 3 pain cards, 4 gain - 1 HS = 2 Gain cards High Priestess - Pay 40 gold = choose 1 blessing (out of 3 or 4) Devil's Carnival - 1HS, 1HS = 1 blessing - 1S, 1HS = 1 max health gain card Cursed Treasure - Sometimes when you decline to open it you'll get 1 blessing - Open it = 5 curses, 4 gold gain cards, 2 equipment (This is always worth it if you have gold and are near a Call of the Priest shop since you can just pay to remove the curses) Helpful Priest - Offer half your food - 1S = 1 blessing - 1HS = 2 blessing Hero's Return - Take the equipment - Upon return of equipment you can either get 2 Blessings or 2 Gain cards The Lovers - Offer to help = 1 blessing (then you fight either 1, 2 or no enemies depending on if you get 1S (no enemies), 1F ( 1 card), 1HF (2 cards) - Demand payment = 2 rings (then you fight as above) The Maiden - Choose to be blessed = 1 blessing (I think if you have so many blessings already you won't get this option. I've landed on her and didn't get this option before when I already had a few blessings, not sure though) Other cards: These are cards you should have in your deck as they provide gain cards, food and/or equipment. Royal Treasury - On success you get 100 gold and 4 equipment cards! *Absolutely have this in your deck, you can always decline not to enter. Wheel of the Gods - 1HS = Amount of food is equal to your health value - 1S = 1 gloves equip card *you can always decline not to spin the wheel Nymphs of the Sweetwoods - This revert you back to your starting gear, health and food. All your blessings and curses, gold, equip, etc go away, but it does give you a blessing and +5 max health after. This is amazing to have when playing the levels that start you out with curses such as The Dealer. You can always decline. Treasure Chest - 1S = open chest - 1S = 4 gain cards - 1F = escape gas - 1S = open chest - 1S = 4 gain cards Soul Gem - Can choose between fully healing yourself, increasing your max health or paying 5 food to remove a random curse Maze of Traps - 3 gain cards or 2 equipment cards Angry Guild Master - Steal from him and either 1HS = 1equipment 1S = 2 gain Lizard Dome - gain cards Food Wagon - Call out for help = 1 food gain card - Steal = I've had this give me nothing or have 5 food appear on a couple cards away Twisted Canyon - 1S = 1 weapon card - 1F = either 1 or 2 pain cards and you still get the weapon Battle of Brooktop - gain cards Trading Post - 12 food for a choice of armor, helm or shield - If you decline and are still in starting gear you will get 1 equip card Local Peasant - 3 food = reveal all cards on map - 5 food = 1 weapon card or a Mace (not sure if it's random or not) and will reveal all cards on map Marketplace - Steal food - 1S = 2 food gain cards - 1F = nothing happens A Wife's Fury - Threaten - 1HS = Pick 1 gain card out of 4 gain card choices - 1F = Fight King of Dust and Jack of Dust, if you win you get a choice of 1 equipment out of 3 equip choices Stranger in the Shadows - Accept - lose 10 health, gain 5 gold - If you accept while you have so many blessings (not sure of number, more than 2 at least) then he will attack you. If you pick a success you get 3 gold gain cards, if you chose a fail, you lose all but 1 health Loan - Loan either 10 or 20 gold, not 40, get 3 gold cards after 10 steps Captain Boccanera - choose either food, gold or revealing cards on the map Cave Shelter - gain cards Lost in Desert - Pray - 1HS = 1 weapon or 1 gloves or 1 artefact - wander - fight monsters = 2 gain cards Dead King Hall - gain cards Blacksmith - Pay 20 or 30 gold - equipment card(s) Summoned - gain cards Cave Rescue - gain cards Desert of the Damned - open - 1HS = 1 equip card Field of Poppies - Useful for re-doing gain cards Shop - an extra shop! Card's I avoided: The Crucible - I used to have this in my deck but when you get into the later story missions it's too risky and not enough reward. Even trying to swim away results in 3-4 pain cards. Not worth the risk. Even after beating all 3 fights the best I ever got was 3 gold gain cards. Usually I would only get 1 gold gain card. Devil's Choice - There's 2 of these. I would leave them both out. Not worth the risk. Embertown Hero - This will overlap one of the other cards on the board that may be more useful. Also, if you refuse to help you get a pain card. If you decide to help him and have an artefact equipped he will attack you. With a HF you lose equipment. At most you get 2 gain cards. Not really worth it. The Lonely Bard - Just a waste. Pay 10 gold for a pain card or leave. Oracle - Pay 5 gold and she shows you the next 5 blessings and 5 curses in the deck
  17. Just now working on this last achievement and the crab training method in Vale of the Gods works great (better than Fornstrand for me anyways since no save/reload). Since nobody really explained how to link about 15 crabs and some hydras together (as stated above, don't tag the dogs, they run way to fast) this is what I did: basically timeshift at the start and tag the crabs in the first little area, then let the timeshift run out without triggering it so the crabs will chase you. Then run up to the next area, wait for the 4 crabs following you to catch up and use timeshift again and tag all the monsters in that area AND the ones you tagged in the previous area and let it run out without triggering it again, then move onto the next area, repeat, etc and once you're toward the other end of the zone you should have a line of monsters following you and just turn around, hit timeshift, tag them all and trigger it. If you timeshift in an area without re-tagging the previous area monsters then they will just run back to their original area. Hope that helps anyone if they are new to the game and/or working on this achievement.
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