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    I like Guitar Hero and music with beatdowns.
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    Xbox, Drums.

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  1. Alfman1

    Road Map

    The maps have been removed "because it violates our Terms of Service." Just thought i'd let you know so someone can hunt down the maps and place them somewhere else
  2. Have you tried jumping up n down while rubbing your belly while you complete your matches? That worked for me!
  3. Best sorcerers in any game i've played.. Loving it!!! I will pimp you out with some nice gear my friend add me and you can rent my pawn for free Hes high level so you will take a knock to XP and Discipline points but it really doesnt matter.
  4. Add me, My summoner is Jakez123

  5. Yes im on Eu West aswell!! i've kinda stopped playing at the moment. playing lots of dragons dogma.


    Whats your name? ill add you or feel free to add me.


    we'll get around to playing at some point :D

  6. I have lots of spare unpurified Bitterblack stuff and am constantly coming up with more as i go for my full armor set.. I have a level 3 weapon for myself and my pawn, then a set for if i want to be a magick archer.. even have spares. So I can gift you either, blank bitterblack isle level 3 stuff (or level 2 if you cant afford 3's you know. whatever) or give you something that is from Gransys. If you are looking for anything specific then just let me know. I can also forge anything at the black cat if you are short on money! Msg me on here or send me a friend request and let me know what you need.. I will need to rent your pawn and play for a while before i can gift you the things you need.. If its a bitterblack item then you will need to purify it as you cant send weapons from BBI as gifts!!! Thanks for reading and i hope there is someone else out there playing this game ;D Its awesome.
  7. Heya. Got an ok mage available. Gamertag: Alfman1 Pawn: Veigar Level:121 Vocation: mage (level 9 + had about 60 so levels of sorcerer) Inclination: Utilitarian/Challenger (will use knockup wisely and focus mages/large threats) 2.7k health, 1.8k magick, 445 armor, 831 magick resist. Spells -> High frigor, high levin, high comestion, Grand anodyne, High halidom, Then the last spell switches between holy affinity and grand ingle. Send me a friend request.. if you are on my list you can rent veigar for free!!! Thanks for reading guys and hope hes helpfull for you guys
  8. Wow it's been four and a half years! That makes me feel OLD! And not to worry, the group kinda drifted apart after a while and when TrueAchievements came along I think people found it easier to create boosting sessions over there.


    And yeah I stopped boosting long ago, I play for fun now and the achievements are just a bonus. I still check achievement guides and go for achievements if I know they're easily obtained, but I won't go out of my way for anything grindy...


    Sorry I didn't answer sooner by the way - I usually only check this site on my phone and it doesn't seem to flag up visitor messages on there...

  9. I play on EU W? what about you?

  10. Hey dude.. i havent logged in for a while and im sorry i joined your group and bailed.. moved to PC gaming.. dont really boost and dont ever have gold membership anymore :(


    I dont miss boosting games tbh but it would be cool to do a co op game or something at some point.. hope your well

  11. Hi i was reading the over achiever thread when i saw your warring kingdoms win xiao piccy pop up.. do you play league much?? we should play some together :)


    My names Kim Jong Kill

  12. lololololol I love how all you're visitor messages is people you've pissed off by being opinionated xD


    Keep it up Jaden!!!


    Don't worry its not you.. its everyone else :p

  13. Here are some crutial video guides to help you on your way to 1000G USA is so frickin hard but luckily this guy is very good at the game so just copy him USA fight 1 - Business District [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5VpSqmeIiw]YouTube - Bakugan DotC: S Rank - USA Business District[/ame] USA fight 2 - Main Street [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clY4z9016EE]YouTube - Bakugan DotC: S Rank - USA Main Street[/ame] USA fight 3 - Downtown [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0GYoK23ICI]YouTube - Bakugan DotC: S Rank - USA Downtown[/ame] Hope this helps.. Good luck on your road to 1000... It gets pretty tough for a shitty cartoon game.
  14. Well there are a few codes i've found on a youtube video and I thought i'd post 'em up The first two codes are helpful for obvious reasons but the others are fairly useless as they are 4th moves for the unevolved bakugan (e.g Neo Dragonoid, Elfin.. Not Cross Drago or Duel Elfin) but i'll put them up aswell just incase people want to have EVERYTHING. Enjoy.. p.s these DO work for the EU version of the game. 10,000 Core Energy - YJ 7R GG 7W G2 10 Vexos Passes - 82 D7 7Y K6 P8 BAKUGAN MOVES!!! Neo Dragonoid - 2F KR RM NC DQ Fire Spirit - Makes all shots bigger and stronger for a short period of time. Elfin - YQ LH BB SM DC Water Pillar - Summons a violent plume of water at an opponent's feet. Ingram - QY 8C LD 5N JE Tornado Vortex - Summons a tornado beneath an opponent's feet. Percival - HU UH 8S T7 AR Zorch Thunder - Percival fires searing bolts of electricity from his hands. Nemus - TD 4U MF SR W3 Light Arrow - Fires a devastating laser attack Wilda - JJ V2 DE AC XX Earthen Armor - Wilda no longer stagger from combo breaks or attacks.
  15. still need to boost TNA?? You still need some achievements.. Can you be bothered?


    Send me a Message on xbox live if you want to boost that shit..


    I dont have gold so i cant message you atm >.>


    I bought a new 14 month code earlier today though so should be up and running soon.

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