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  1. Okay. i heard so much good about this game that i bought it (for 12€). i knew in advance it would be ugly, and with a gameplay close to the one from resident evil 4. I did however start it with the best intentions, but after 6 hours, i just can't take it anymore, i quit. i hate not finishing a game i started, but it's just too much. so, graphics, like most people said, it does look like playstation 2, apart from some faces which look a little better. graphics don't do everything of course, but it still tends to make my eyes cry the gameplay. that's really one of the 2 things that got me in the end. limited sprint, ok, but not when the characters sprints THAT slowly. when in town, it's ok, but whenever you need to explore a couple of remote locations that can't be accessed by cars, you have to do it on foot, and it just takes way too long just to collect a piece of bone. The shooting is really basic, but i might have been able to withstand it a bit more, if the shooting scenes were not as shitty as they are. I mean, take the 6 first hours of the game, if you take out these so called action scenes, which are pretty useless since it's all in the schyzophrenic character's head, it would be a lot better. the investigation in itself is intereseting, but as soon as you get in the other world, you know you have nothing to do except just make your way back, shooting the same guys moonwalking with their heads low. ok for a couple of minutes, but 3 times 15 mn, is already way too much for me. had they taken out these fucking scenes, i would keep playing the game. but unfortunately, it does seem that for every scene you play, you also get one of these shitty combat scenes. now, the dialogs are great, ok, but the story takes way too much time to progress. i prefer to have 10 interesting hours, than 20 hours, during which half will just make me feel like i am doing it just for the sake of the game being considered as having a good duration. 10 mns between 2 spots because the car is so slow, and the map so poorly done that i took a wrong turn and had to go all the way back, it's also a pain in the ass. i kinda liked the soundtrack apart from the fact it is really repetitive, and the music totally covers some of the dialogs at times (volontary???). apart from the pretty funny lines about b movies, the fbi agent always talking to his imaginary friend does get on my nerves too. same goes with the fact that the shitty action scenes so far are only in his fucking head. he's the psycho who should be locked up, not profiling. now as i said, i really had good intentions, but the pros just got crushed by the cons for me in this game. besides, the "david lynch-twin peaks" inspiration part is really not my cup of tea, since apart from dune, i never like his films because it was never with a clear story. now for a good investigation, and with a good gameplay as well, i m just gonna replay L.A. Noire to repair the brain damage i've sustained after 6 hours of deadly premonition.
  2. hi guys, looking for a boosting partner for a couple of mins, for the 2 online chievos on MK trilogy arkade. will obviously return the favor. anyone available? (please send me a reply here, or a text msg on the xbox,cause i usually don t reply random friend requests. thanks )
  3. Since i just lost 4 hours of work thanks to the site asking me to refresh and not saving anything i'd done, sorry but i'm not gonna do it all again from scratch... please delete thread
  4. well, i did read all these posts, started out of curiosity so as to see the comments related to negative critics regarding this game. thought i would do it for 5 mns, in the end it"s been more like 20 first, i've just finished the story mode on this game, and even though i did not find it to be a "must have", i found it quite pleasent and decent. i agree that the camera is not perfect, but most third person games have a camera that may be a pain in the ass for some. the problem is, i think it is impossible to create a camera system in a game that everyone will like and find perfect. as long as the camera does not prevent you from seeing where you are, and where you go, it doesn't seem to me that it is a problem worth killing the game. as for bugs and code, well, i have played a lot of games, and found many with more bugs than this one, so once again, the little bugs in blood forge are not enough reason for me to dislike the game, or not finish it. however, since i am no programmer, it is possible that there are defaults i did not see, or did not care about, as long as i was enjoying myself cutting and mashing trough enemies. but there is one thing i do not agree on at all with you, is about the demo not being reprensentative of the full game. the demo was short, yes, like most demos for arcade games, since most of these games are not that long. but after playing the demo, i was just expecting to fight, run, fight, run, fight, boss kill, next level, fight, run, etc, and finish the game like that. the power runes, weapons upgrades etc, were not showed in the demo either, and were nice surprises since i expected to play a much more basic game. it is a pretty basic game, but with a few nice details. if anything, the demo just gave me a taste of the looks and feel of the game, and of the way it handled. (not 100% sure if my last sentence is correct, english is not my native language) and while playing the full game, i can't say i've had any bad surprises,since pretty much everything you see and do in the game is in the short demo, appart from the powers and aditionnal weapons... in the end, i think it's not a problem about being a noob or not being a noob, it's just that you thought you would have something else than what you found in the demo. and it's the heart of the problem. for games, just like for movies, when you get a teaser,trailer, or demo, sometimes you have high expectations, and it ends up spoiling it all for you once you have the final product. that's why i generally try not to expect too much from a game ( appart from a few exceptions for which i know for sure i won't be disappointed ). so, Blood Forge took me around 5 or 6 hours to complete the story mode, i did not find it to be too easy or too difficult once i figured out a few tricks, and the 1200 MSP i spent are well spent in my opinion, and i believe that if you feel you need a refund, it is because you expected too much from it. the developpers may not be the greatest from what i gather, but a game is never all about its technical completion and performances, it is about the fun you have or not playing it. one of the worst rated games on xbox, superman returns, for instance, i knew it was considered shitty by everyone, i still bought it, ( used, for 5 bucks ), and even though i found it to be ugly, short, with a story that does not make much sense, etc, i still enjoyed myself a little. flying around metropolis, puching enemies, using the eye lasers etc. even though it is a bad game, it allowed me to enjoy myself for a few hours. on the opposite side, a game with great critics all around, bayonetta, i did not like it at all, from the begining. i played the demo and did not like it, bought the game cause a friend of mine was insisting that it was much greater than the demo showed, and it's been a pain in my ass to play through it. not for the difficulty, but just because i did not like the character, story, gameplay, etc. doesn't mean that it s a bad game or i deserve a refund, it just means this game was not meant for me, that's all. guess blood forge was not meant for you at all and one last thing, regarding health pickups, there are not many of them around, but by the end of the game i had a reserve of 3 medium and 3 large health pickups, and still did not use them all. even if i don't consider myself to be very good at this game, if people have a problem due to the lack of health, the simplest thing is to just keep them for bosses, since you don t need them otherwise. there are many checkpoints, almost after every single battle, so it's better to die, and respawn with half your health, and have a couple of health runes in your inventory for the boss, than wasting them immediately and find yourself facing a boss with your pants down.
  5. thanks a lot for the info, it will make me save a looooot of time!
  6. oh.. and just curious... does anyone know if the 1000 zombie kills achievement can be obtained on the zombies DLC? just wondering cause even if it s the first achievement i had for replaying the first zombies level for fun, it might be the fastest way to get it considering the huge quantity of zombies in those missions...
  7. For the "all star" achievement, using the old glory chopper is often the best way to go, since it has enough room and pretty good armor and ammo, and especially fuel. it helps a lot more than the "apache" chopper, even if it has a little less rockets. even if getting the mission done in time gives a few more points, i've had a few 5 stars with extra time handicap way more easily. if you get the DLC chopper, in most cases the night avenger will help a lot for all missions, since it almost isn't slowed down by the AAA guns.
  8. hello. looks like work in progress. if it helps, i ve noticed a couple of things. -chievo= kill 100 soldiers in 1level without dying : comes pretty naturally while playing some advanced level in the 2nd or 3rd campain, since more and more soldiers spawn every time you come or go. -chievo = save scoop sanderson in every level he is present : so far, i ve completed 20-30 levels and always found him, most of the time, there is a coment from the pilot when you are near him, AND pretty often, a big sign with his face on it appears near him, so if you just go through the level without the turbo on, you should spot him without too much trouble. -chievo = kill 1000 zombies : first achievement i had, cause i was going for the 5 stars in the first level with zombies in it, and i was surprised when it popped, because it was not very long until i had it.so just by replaying a couple of these missions and blasting everything in it should be enough to get it fast. -chievo = 5 stars on every level : sometimes it's just impossible with the choppers you have, so if you get 3 stars and it s been real hard, just go for the next mission, you still can retry with a better chopper, and it will be a lot easier. -chievo = all escape missions without killing anyone : should be done with the best, fastest choppers, like final versions of the apache, or scorpion, since the blackhawk is too slow to get this done in the harder escape missions. - chievo = kill 10 000 enemis through all the levels : will come naturally i think, especially if you go for the 5 stars in every level. If not, wait until you unlock the apache, and you can just go back and forth between base and enemy positions, the timer is just for points, but you can spend 1 hour in the same mission if you want to ( as far a i know ) - chievo = kill 1000 chicken : might take some time, since i m not sure if they pop fast or not, but usually i found them located near the base. and you can kill them by landing on them, in the first or 2nd mission. I still haven t finished the game and its achievements yet, but if i find other useful informations, i ll pass them along ( if you want me to ). maybe you already have it all prepared and just not posted it yet, if not, feel free to use whatever i said in the roadmap and guide you are preparing have fun!
  9. well, Pan, as he was described, and the way he behaved, sort of announced from the beginning he would test gabriel, so, it's not really a betrayal, i was just wondering when it would happen. Zobek on the other hand, it was more subtle, because of the texts at the beginning of each chapter, and a couple of times fighting alongside him, so even though i was suspicious at first, i ended believing he would not be a traitor for information, gabriel is only brought back from the dead once, at the end, for the final battle. the vampire girl does not bring him back, she just sees in his mind when he is about to die, and she spares him. shed doesn t kill then revive him. even so, gabriel would not be a video game hero if he didn't cheat death countless times 1) Why was Zobek still alive in the epilogue? I thought Satan killed him? =>two possibilities : A) he didn't die when satan burned him, cause after all, he still was an all powerful necromancer or B) when Satan was defeated, and the other souls were freed, Zobek came back to life. 2) What turned Gabriel into Dracula? =>no answer for that one, you still can imagine that maybe, like in the original novel, his anger grew so strong that he eventually rebelled against god and the injustice of Marie still being dead, and became Dracul. Or, more simply put, Gabriel is doomed, like Satan told him while he was choking him and cursed with immortality. and if i remember correctly dracula usually has abilities to turn into wolf, vampire, and has death spells. the three iconic bosses Gabriel defeated were Lycan, Vampire, and Necromancer. absorbing their powers after defeating them may have created the essence of Dracula maybe? many possibilities,and i think it s better that way, cause one specific explanation in the game would have found many critics. letting gamers imagine what they want is a better option in this case i think. 3) I thought Gabriel killed Satan at the end, but apparently he is back and about to attack the world again, so if Satan is ready to fight again, what exactly did we do to Satan after "defeating" him? =>Satan is as immortal as God himself in all the scriptures. so defeating him allowed Gabriel to cast him back to hell. with centuries passing, Satan eventually grew strong enough again to be on the verge of a new awakening. 4) What was the point of the masks of shadow? I don't see how they helped Gabriel at all. =>Gabriel has been looking for the masks of shadow because the three would create the godmask, which he thought would allow him to revive Marie, as Zobek made him believe it would. But this mask was only a tool for Satan to be able to come to earth and start his apocalypse. 5) Why exactly wasn't god or any angels able to help Gabriel and all the humans fight Satan? =>usually because God, and angels, in most stories of this kind, do not fight directly,but help the chosen warrior. Gabriel is referred to in the game several times as the warrior of light, the chosen one, etc. how he survived all these battles and overcame it all, probably by God's hand ( or the gamer's ), thanks to his faith in God, redemption, etc etc. besides, Gabriel has the name of the famous warrior Archangel, it surely is a voluntary direct reference. 6) What was Satan's main goal? =>apocalypse, to use the God mask to grow stronger, enough to rule upon the earth, and eventually rise back up to the heavens, and defeat God.
  10. Hi all! got a link to this site from a friend of mine who works in a video games shop. gotta say, some guides and hints really helped me a lot. (thinking about some intel locations in COD 4, and other hidden items in other games) well, the site is great, and i just wanted to say hello. I'll keep on checking here first if i ever get stuck again in a game, and will make sure to share any info that could help. Cheers!
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