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  1. I just had this problem :/ Stull I don't know how to solve it
  2. The same thing occurred with me yesterday. Same load out, same level. On ps3. . Geez
  3. Thanks you for the hidden locations. I found one Texas, Day 2: At the beggining after you see the trail of the 3 wild boars, go to the right at the hidden bush and the hidden location will be there. Namibia, Day 2: After you hunt the first animal, go to the right trail and before you reach the trail you will see a path on the right. After you kill the animal on the left trail go ahead the 500 pts nest and you will see a passage into the fence.
  4. It is so difficulty for me make good combos with him
  5. For me, this trophy is so hard. Thanks for your topic
  6. This video will help me alot thanks
  7. I'll try now. This video will help me a lot Thanks
  8. tranquilu


    Welcome to this great team
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