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  1. Most of the achievements are fairly easy to get, but the road races can take some very precise timing, and quite a bit of luck with the traffic.
  2. Depending on where I get my steak, I will get it either medium-rare, or if I know the place is good, I ask for it on the rare side.
  3. My favorite pizza combination: Pepperoni Ham Bacon Onions Mushrooms Olives (both green and black) Top with mozzarella and parmesan
  4. This one took me a while to get as well. I recommend trying to time your jump right as you hit the peak of the ramp. Try holding the jump button as well (though that may just be me trying to force the character to jump higher). You do have to use Elasti-Girl to get it, as the drone does not fly at the same level. Good luck!
  5. I have already beaten the game, playing in co-op online with a friend through the whole thing. We beat the main game, the Holodome and the Clap Trap DLC. For some reason, I was able to get one of the map discovery achievements, but not any of the others, and my buddy didn't get any. I know I can go through another play through, and am currently working on one, but will it glitch again? Anyone have any ideas on what happened?
  6. Hoping someone is still playing the game and checking the forums that can help. I have been playing for quite a while now, and I am wanting to make some modifications to my main settlement of Sanctuary. I have built my own new home on an old foundation plot and want to use that for pretty much everything in the settlement. The only thing I am unable to do is craft a new fast travel mat. When I try, the game says only 1 per settlement and doesn't let me make one. The problem is that I do not remember making one (not surprising as I had a break of about 2 years after starting the game before picking it back up again). I did go through the whole settlement and scrap just about everything I could find to make room for the things I want to build, but no mat. I just went back through, and cannot find another mat anywhere. I am fast travelling to the front of my pre-war house, but there is no mat anywhere inside or out (i have scrapped everything else from the house). I have also checked the roof and the doorways of all of the other houses in Sanctuary, in case the game decided to glitch it to a different door. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, thanks!
  7. The races were fine, once we completed the last race, regardless of who did the race, it unlocked for both. The challenges though were a bit off. Not entirely sure if we had to, once again, complete 10 challenges in a single sitting for it to unlock for player 2, or if it was just delayed in unlocking for him, but player 1 got it when the 10th challenge was finished, player 2 unlocked a few challenges later. At the time, we were wrapping up all the remaining challenges, and had plenty to do. If you are working on 2 player through the whole game, I suggest doing things like the challenges in one sitting, rather than splitting them, if possible, or at least do most of the challenges, and just finish the last parts of them all at once.
  8. I know this response is a bit late, but if you are still struggling with this, or anyone else that is, I figured it out. If you bring up the Pip-Boy, you need to press the Back/Share button for the zoom. I accidentally did this a couple times as well, it was a bit awkward until I figured it out.
  9. Final update: For those wondering, yes, all achievements can be gotten by both players. The only ones that are a bit odd are the ones where you have to kill x number of enemies, which has to be done by both players separately, and the Road Rage 2 achievement. Road Rage 2 seems to need the second player (the one who doesn't have the game saved under their account) to do the full 100 vehicles destruction in one sitting. Player 1 got it in my run across multiple plays, but player 2 needed it done in one sitting, which was the last one he got. All other achievements were gotten at the same time, with many of them popping at the end once 100% was reached. We even got the 100% stud fountain achievement without actually seeing the fountain, it popped while the last mission was doing the end of mission summary.
  10. So far, most of the achievements have popped for both players, but a couple have not, at least not at the same time. The "Challenge Accepted" achievement unlocked for player 1 upon getting 10 total challenges completed, but it did not unlock for player 2 until several more challenges were finished (we were working on wrapping up all challenges at that time, it may have been a delay in the Xbox unlock). The achievement "Road Rage 2" however, has not yet unlocked for player 2, despite destroying over 100 vehicles between both players in a single sitting. This may also be a delay in the Xbox, but I have not yet confirmed. I have not yet 100% the game, but all other achievements have been gotten by both players, with "Operation: Rebirth" the only other achievement that requires each player to create a custom character.
  11. I am working through the whole game in co-op as well. So far, we have both gotten all of the achievements (except when I had to drop out during a mission because it was glitching on us, but I will pick that one up in free play). It may take a while to get the rest of the achievements, as we are working through it slowly, but I will post again once I have completed the game, and let you know.
  12. A nice, descriptive post. Thank you for your contribution.
  13. I am so glad they included this in the game. It is a very cool concept and allows the developers to really show you much of the work they put into the game. I like that it works similarly to the encyclopedias from the earlier Assassin's Creed games, but does it in a "playable" version with voice overs. The ability to simply run around the entire world of the game without worrying about enemies is great for people either just beginning the games, or those who just want to explore the world.
  14. It can take some time for the achievement to pop. I had an achievement in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate pop about 2-3 months after I had gotten the requirements for it. That being said, this is kind of annoying. One key I found was to ensure they die by burning. If you need to, you can wait until you have maxed out your level and then put a few points into the tool skill. This will add extra fire damage to enemies when you burn them, making it easier to kill them with the oil pots. I ended up more than once wasting a pot because they were able to put out the fire before they died.
  15. For anyone who may be working on this achievement still (I am going back through all my games cleaning them up), DO NOT click the link in the first post. It now redirects to a possible virus website, certainly some sort of malware site, that tries to trick you into calling for tech support and locks up the browser. Best to do a Google search and find a guide elsewhere.
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