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  1. Hi guy , Does opening the chests in the treasure room during the main quest or the second repeated quest has a better chance to get legendery than opening the chests via glitching ... i mean maybe it's like the drop rate differance in the warrior (( in main quest the warrior legendary drop rate is very very high )) ... thanks in advance ..
  2. so just wondering as Iam about to complete the JIN story on which difficulty should i play conquest ??? and if i play on beginner do the fame achievements will be impossible or to long to get ??? thanks
  3. Hi iam really wondering if i open a LEGENDARY WEAPON chest co-op will my partner get the legendary weapon too ?? Thanks
  4. there are only Small Axe Shades and big Armored shades in southern plains who gave me rusty kitchen knife and broken Wristwatch i'v never seen a sword shade there !!! sorry for the trouble though
  5. i realy can't find any stopped clock i need only one for the 30 upgrade achievement and where does those sword shades couse i can't find any one please HELP
  6. Broken Pottery I found ALOT of this in the shiny gather spots in The Aerie
  7. thanks guys for the help sorry about the bad english
  8. ok so i completed the game and even now ican't fishing any fish every time i try it just escape or say (( not even a niple )) i read the fishing tutorial it say press A when the rod bends every time i did that the fish escape or as i said above i tried to use lugworm and earthworm but with all this efforts ican't get any fish do ihave to press A or not is the fishing tutorial true or ihave to press anther button iknow this maybe the dumpest thread in this fourm but please help me i realy got angery from the game because this fishing problem Regards
  9. she will appear once u completed chapter 3
  10. the same happen to me just turn off your console then turn on it and the skyscraper should be there
  11. i'v got all the achievements for the game but the achievement still not unlock what did i do wrong ??? is it agitch or what ???? do i have to buy all the orbs and weapons and chi skills ???? please help EDIT : when i saved my game the achievement Pop Sorrrrrry guys for bothering you Topic Closed
  12. so >>> the achievement didn't pop to me and i complited the game with out dying !!!! what shougl i do ???
  13. hello guys how r u ??? ok let's do busniss i really can't find (( Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins )) i know i have to beat the kangaroo in Seahorse Hotel but ican't find him i Remember i fought with him and defeated him in the first time iplayed the level seahorse house and now iam and still searching for the secret level Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins in the map and i didn't find it >>>> ithink my game is glitched right ???? Any ideas ???
  14. :(Hi guys when i load my save it say itis corrupt and tell me to make anew one iam level 49 hunter :( and very near to level 50 i have acharchter level 5 imade it before the level 49 guy but it is not corrept only the 49 guy is corrupt is there anything to fix my ruined save game thanks for any help:(
  15. hi everybody heres my problem the Dodger underneath the Pier at Klungo's arcade are not appair to me why idonnot no but i remmeber when i played the game in the begining he appair to me and i talked to him alot but he is now invisble i can't buy the last jiggy from him ????? Edit : don't worry iget the achievement
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