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  1. Cancer made Roman look really really strong. Where does he fit in for Wrestlemania though? Maybe they’re setting up him and Ambrose?
  2. Everyone on Twitter is hating on it and I’m just like “did y’all not see the women’s Rumble last year cuz it was garbage”. That match was so much better than the first one
  3. Doesn’t seem like it will be long term. Johnny was eyeing up Goldie the whole time they posed with the belts. Subtle
  4. I don’t believe that deal is real. It would completely ruin their pay ladder unless it was a 3.5 million over several years type deal and even still the guys there would ask to get bumped up ala Hall & Nash in WCW
  5. Same I see all these people going RIP and I’m just like “y’all know he was absolute trash right?”
  6. Fox paid them ONE BILLION DOLLARS for Smackdown, and they went and fucking buried the entire show ah hahahaha ayy lmfao
  7. People stop hating each other right after blood feuds with little to no explanation all the time. At least this one has an explanation that they had their issues but they’ll always be horsewomen for life. As for Nia, she’s injured Alexa, Zelina, and all four horsewomen. But this one is probably the most inexcusable. Pulling punches is the first or second thing that’s taught in wrestling school. But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that Becky vs Ronda should absolutely be the main event of Wrestlemania. There’s not a single match that would be bigger or have any more buzz than this match, no disrespect to Charlotte.
  8. If you told me three years ago that AJ Styles would be a 2 time WWE Champion and hold it for one continuous year, I’d have laughed in your face so hard.
  9. Ok, so in kayfabe, why would you put the Dogs of War together on a Survivor Series team? They literally just turned on each other two weeks ago.
  10. I too canceled. I’m just disappointed in myself that I was working so I couldn’t do it before that shitshow
  11. I did not expect Dean to turn after Roman but I love it. I don’t understand why he turned after they won the tag belts but otherwise I fucking love it. Roman was the only thing keeping Dean from snapping Seth’s skull in and now that he’s gone Dean is unhinged. I love it, it’s so unexpected and brilliant
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