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  1. I am in the same position too, nothing I do unlocks it. Also having trouble where when I unlock a achievement it boots me to the menu saying something like cant find gamertag.
  2. I have 3 songs left to GS. Bang Your Head, Sing and Spoonman. I hit 387k on BYH but csn only get 360k on a regular basis. I have a tought time with the solos where the notes are so close together like in Sing. Any tips for improving that side of my play? That is the only thing holding me back.
  3. Thanks for the tree mention, Found it next to the bridge after a hour looking for it. Would not have looked otherwise.
  4. Yep, because when you crush you hit the bottom of the water and they stay at the top giving you time to get out unscathed
  5. I added a solution to this on the Achievement guide/Roadmap on how to get this. Really simple.
  6. For the Survivor! achievement I jumped then down + to crush into the red Piranha pool so they can't nibble me and just jumped out as soon as it would let me. Worked first time after trying to do it normally. World 3, any of the first couple of levels will be fine to do it on.
  7. Hey Juan, I wouldnt mind helping out as I need them too. Problem is I cant get online too much this week as my gf and son are going to Ireland next Tuesday and want to spend abit of time with me this week. If you are still going for the achievements next week then let me know.
  8. Any idea of how to get this? Driving me up the wall, done 2 front flips, 2 back flips and landed both correctly but no pop:confused: Could it be after I do the flips that I am centring out wrong by putting my arms out to stop spinning?
  9. Im not too hot on my baseball but when I try this they always get out the guy running to third and leave me to steal second. It says caught stealing but I dont get credit for stealing second. I have no one else fast enough to to put on before me either.
  10. You need to hit just after the green bar on the 3rd stage. That will get you the achievement
  11. I done it sat on my calf muscles. made it easier for me
  12. Dont know how you got them all first time. I must be doing something wrong. I can get 1st 3 in every time but the fourth is a pain to get in EDIT: Got it after 10 attempts, I was sitting on my heels so not sure if knees is the only way to get it easily
  13. I am in the Process of getting the prizes in all the available mini games. Up to the Shark Tank now and I am stuck. I can get the first two throws everytime but the third goes so quick I always miss. Is there a way to throw slightly before it flashes as I cannot hit when it flashes? Simply too fast for me. Many thanks if you can help. EDIT: Got the prize in this event. What I did was follow the bottom cursor and about half way from when it turns to when it crosses the bull is when you need to throw it. Took about 15 attempts but easy enough once you work out the crosshair's path.
  14. First two are easy enough but I struggle after that. Doing bigger motions and faster to allow for the weight but sometimes it will hit the back board or roll along the floor.
  15. Is itworth going through on easy first so you can carry the pimped weapons over to Contracer difficulty? How long will it take on easy? If it is 4-5 hours then I might aswell do that then it will make the hard playthrough even easier.
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