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  1. Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious....but let's not count that one... So my last 1000 was Dark Souls, really fun games, the achievements require three playthroughs to complete.
  2. So, I've been trying to complete the main story to focus on grinding to trascend, I will try to explain the last things I did (I don't remember exactly, sorry) I've been doing the quest, eventually leading me to clearing 3 troll broils, then getting to "Crown of Kul", to the Tomb of Magnar, got to the end to some Wolf Statue, then I fought a spear guy, and destroyed one of the guys siting on those thrones in the grey scene. I appeared on "Hand of Kul", with no quest marker, just a message saying "Valley of the Dead - Find the Crypt of the High Priest" So I went to Tomb of Kings, I killed an Ogre Brute and another spear guy, and the path is still blocked, what am I missing?
  3. I can't find the last platinum box on The Spring Offensive+, I cleaned the entire map, and the picture is no longer available. I got the one under the sniper tower, the one on the cave, on the house with a graveyard and on the lamp, anyone got a picture or a video showing the missing one?
  4. I need this too, so add me to share and I will share back: GT: Galarzaa90
  5. I'm enjoying this game, I mean, I'm enjoying the game's story, the gameplay, the characters, the voice acting... On the other hand, I'm pretty pissed right now because I can't get past the Pressure Control Junction fight on hard. But other than that, everything is okay.
  6. It' a great and fun game, specially if you like the GTA series. Most achievements consist in doing actions X times, so you may get some at the end of the game while you will have to grind some, there are multiplayer achievement, so that's an advantage for completing and old game.
  7. Thank you, I will try these missions, I have like 10 left to do. Does anyone have trouble repeating "The Multi Target Assassination"? When I try to repeat it I keep getting the message saying that repeating a mission will create a restoration point over and over, and the mission never loads. If I press B, I get back to the game, with all my money taken away. And I appear next to the phones where that mission would've started. EDIT: I Just wanted to mention that I got the achievement now, thanks for the list
  8. Thank you, that worked! I hope it gets fixed soon, cause I don't want my "Solid Gold, Baby!" achievement to be offline
  9. Oh yeah, now I remember another big rant I have.... Why the hell are bridges not shown on Social Club's completion checklist? If they added letter scraps, spaceship parts, why didn't they add bridges if they are so annoying to get through. I have 1 bridge left, I don't know which one it is, I have gone through all 50 bridges like 4 or 5 times.
  10. Yeah, it's so annoying, I want to get my 70 gold medals, but it's impossible! If you were repeating a mission, it doesn't save until it loads again, so if it freezed when loading, you will lose it. I'm going to try deleting cache, and updates and everything, and downloading them again to see if it works... But I already have all the packs installed
  11. Did you tried going online? Do a few activities and then check back on your character wheel. It worked for me for my last two strangers and freaks (Minute Man Blues & Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act)
  12. That seems to be the solution for missing missions, going online a while until you see the mission number on your character's wheel. (D pad down) I haven't got a call from Downtown Cab Co. yet, and I'm missing one bridge.... I have been through all 50, three times, I swear, without touching anything. I don't get why they don't track bridges on Social Club if they already track spaceship parts and letter scraps.
  13. This just happened to me today, so I came back to this post to tell you. It happened while repeating Uncalculated Risk, when it was loading the game after finishing the mission, the loading screen froze, and I couldn't open dashboard or anything.
  14. That's interesting. I didn't take any of the supplies either, I was like... why are you blaming me for that, and I hated him, if it wasn't for him, Lee wouldn't be dead. And I think the same thing, how does he do so well, I mean, if he talked through the walkie talkie all the time with Clem, he must've been close all the time. So, was he speeding next to the train when they found out about the walkie talkie? (when Clem was asleep). On a different thought, do you think Clem was really abducted by the stranger? Or do you think she escaped from Lee because she was angry he didn't want to go look for her parents?
  15. Yeah, it was more like a conversation starter than an actual question Oh, I love that, fighting cops from inside your house, feels awesome!
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