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  1. In no order: Dance with the devil - Immortal Technique You never know - Immortal Technique Good Enough - Joe Budden Broken Wings - Joe Budden Are you in that mood yet? - Joe Budden These are all great songs, Immortal Tech is an amazing story teller, and Budden is just good at putting emotion on a track. LISTEN TO DANCE WITH THE DEVIL: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDoCWG7dFXI&feature=fvst]YouTube - dance with the devil[/ame]
  2. In the Campaign lobby it notes me as '1/16' does this mean there can be 16 people in a single game of Campaign?
  3. No luck. They gave me the whole "its not out yet" speech
  4. wont i get banned?? didnt they ban a ton of people for ODST early release?
  5. This guy in my neighborhood has the game, and i dont know he got it?? He said he went up in gamestop, and they just gave it to em. http://i38.tinypic.com/351x4cp.jpg
  6. i might be able to pull it depending on what it is.
  7. I use it more then i actually race. Im just trying to get the achievements. I only really like customizing cars, and drifting. regualr races arent really my thinbg.
  8. yeh i know that its not the greatest car in the game, i just wanna drive one, so i figured maybe someone could sell me one cheap or something
  9. Career completion: 6.4% Level: 18 Distance driven: 695 miles Number of victories: 81 Number of races: 116 Time driven: 8 h 26:48
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