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  1. Who just steals a power supply and not the £300+ piece of hardware? Sounds a little sketchy to me
  2. Like a right spoon I missed the 'Party Pooper' achievement at the very end and I'm wondering how much of my time would I have to waste for that lonesome 10g...
  3. Anyone looking to get all the online achievements message me on XBL, BluePowerRanger
  4. been a while but im pretty sure Skyrim was my latest
  5. Add me to the list if needed, GT: BluePowerRanger Will be available tomorrow anytime really.
  6. 1. Gow1 2. TES 3: Morrowind 3. TES 5: Skyrim 4. Final Fantasy 10 5. Halo 3
  7. The arcade game Exit purely due to the fact that the achievements are ridiculous and are based around time limits which are forever a burden. Also I don't think I've complain about a game that has too much levels... Repetitive and tedious ones at that Also Tiger Woods '07, I dont regret it the first time but I bought it again to get the 100% achievement and one of the silly little fucking tshirts in the golf store glitched and didnt unlock so I couldnt get it, biggest waste of £7 ha as I dont think i got a single achievement after buying it again
  8. I know the title says hardest but i'm gonna say Unreal Tournament 3 was the most nit-gritty and time consuming as you have to generally go out your way on 50 seperate days just to spawn camp some bots... And tbh the 'campaign' on that game isnt the easiest either I'll say the hardest game I was never able to 100% though after countless efforts which was the original Lost Planet; hardest campaign I've experienced and the game will forever sit at 800G Currently doing Halo Reach solo and its a little challenging like 'Spade' said above... Nothing better than a checkpoint on that game
  9. I'd love to see the silenced weapons from ODST make their return and the involvement of more creditable stealth missions. I just loved the sound and feel to those weapons and the atmosphere of the the city hub in-between each campaign mission; underrated campaign in my opinion or at least a very unspoken one at that. I'm not sure if previously mentioned but the 1-50 matchmaking was sublime on Halo 3 and they should never have tried to steer away from that, again in my honest opinion. A more emotional campaign, Halo 4 did great but i'd love to see some optional directions in the campaign where the decisions you make can effect someones fate further on down the storyline, similar to Mass Effect but a more subtle approach would be ideal. All I can think of off the top of my head at the moment...
  10. Not even close to #girlwood lets be honest
  11. The strongest of thread bumps, totally worth it though
  12. Got to the top 500 in ranked warzone on Gears of War 1... What a waste of my life that was. I'm sure on UT3 after killing all them bots for the 'Get a Life' achievement put me quite high up the public boards aswell :\
  13. Its going to interesting to see how many achievements are tied to specific characters now, if there isnt much then effectively you will be spending alot less than full retail price if it doesnt bother you that much that all the chars arent available (which I dont mind)
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