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  1. You should take a look a this

  2. Hoping for a beta release I'm 2 weeks. If anyone is interested in testing the alpha version, let me know. Ill post a link to download. ATM I'm only missing Achievements Comments and some minor stuff.
  3. Don't forget to check out my XA blog for updates. Unofficial XA.com Android App Blog
  4. Here is a preview for the application settings:
  5. Update I started the Android app development. I'll keep the Android section updated with all the features that are working. The plan is to release a beta version in the store within a month from today. I'll will post more information about how to get into the beta phase whenever the beta is up. Preview: http://imgur.com/a/PBcnh
  6. I have being debating about continuing or pursue my last Xbox one achievement. Maybe both. Here is the link for android. http://files.parsetfss.com/50f3ad78-37d7-4d92-a49d-463fe3ff3470/tfss-547c13e3-4ea7-4c7f-80c0-13558d590ec0-Xchievements-0.5.2.apk The app is not being maintained. Is only for Xbox one achievements. I don't have a android phone right now so I don't know if it is working good.
  7. I have nothing against mobile websites. But if I'm on my phone, 99.9% I would prefer a native app. If their is no mobile app, than 90% of the time I would prefer a mobile site. The other 10% is for cases that the mobile site do not include some features of the desktop site. But how we say in Spanish "Para los gusto, Los colores." Basically, everyone have their own taste.
  8. Yeah I'm trying to do my best to help the community and the site. I think for such a big website it is cheaper to create and iOS, Android and Windows phone app, than adapt or create a mobile site. For the mobile site they will have to refactor allot of code or create a brand new site for mobile. For native mobile apps, all they need to do is create some API's where the apps can get the data (Basically what I am doing). Of course that's not taking to account that they need mobile app developers.
  9. Here is the update for this week: This weekend I started and completed the Upcoming Games Section for the iOS version. The most challenging part was to figure out how to display a way to pick which category to see (NTSC, PAL, Arcade...). After allot of thought, I decided to add a button which brings up a selection list (Picker) where users can choose the category. After the user clicks on "Done" the upcoming games for chosen category is displayed. Now, I feel it might be confusing for a first time user, so I might change this in the future. I also did research on how to distribute a beta app for testing. After hours and hours of trying many different suggestion I found online, nothing worked. The only current way requires a Mac with Xcode 7 and the application source code. The problem about this approach is that everyone have a Mac and willing to install Xcode. Another and probably the only solution is obtain a Apple Developer account. The Developer will allow me to have 1000 external tester for $99. Because of this I won't able to provide a link to download the application at the moment at the moment. I'm currently saving up to host the website which is doing heavy lift to server the mobile apps the data. For Android their is no need for a Developer account unless users will like to use the Google Play marketplace to install and receive updates. Of course it will me restricted to user with the download link and most be part of the Google+ community. My experience with Google was not good last time around. The Developer account is just $25 but if your application gets rejected 3 times, you will get banner and lose you money. The application can rejected pretty much for anything. E.g. Having an icon similar to another popular app. If anyone have any idea or suggestion please feel free to comment here or on my Twitter account.
  10. I feel you. Yeah Google does take that in consideration.
  11. About Me Couple of years back while attending school for Computer Science, I decided to develop an Android application. Since I used XA.com for achievement hunting, I started to work on an Android application to make it easier and faster to access the achievements and their comments. The application grew to include news, games, achievements, comments, screenshots, upcoming games and even an internal tracking mechanism. But after attending to get approval by XA.com with no avail, I decided to discontinue the project and focus in school. Since then, I became a web developer and gained more experience programming. Now that I have more time in my hands and I'm once again looking for a side project, I decided to go back where all started. Please be patient with me. I haven’t done any mobile development for a while. On top of that, I'm also tackling iOS first with no prior experience. The Android version will be created it faster, since I already have the blueprint from the prior attend. At the moment my plan is to support mobile devices only and not tables. With that said, they should still work for them. Lastly, I don’t know what will be the lowest OS version of android or iOS I'll support. More information about that went I find out more. Please follow me in Twitter (@iamrelos) to stay tuned, view screenshot and have random discussions.
  12. Videos iOS Application XBA iOS - Alpha 0.1.0 Android Application Coming Soon...
  13. Screenshots iOS Application http://g85t.imgup.net/IMG_02372ddf.jpghttp://q71t.imgup.net/IMG_02385fc3.jpghttp://q26t.imgup.net/IMG_02396e14.jpghttp://h88t.imgup.net/IMG_024162fb.jpghttp://q62t.imgup.net/IMG_02426320.jpg Android Application Coming Soon...
  14. Android Application Completed Latest News Interviews Previews News Details, Images, Videos & Comments Previews Details, Images, Videos & Comments Interviews Details, Images, Videos & Comments Upcoming Games Latest Screenshots Latest Achievements Settings Game List Game Information Game Achievements Game Screenshots In Progress Game Achievements Comments Task None ATM Bugs Nothing...
  15. iOS Application - On hold (No iOS Device) Completed Latest News Latest Achievements News Details (Missing Images & Videos) Upcoming Games In Progress Load More For Sections With Pages Task Game List Game Information Game Achievements Game Screenshots Game Achievements Comments Latest Screenshots More??? Bugs 3D Touch Quick Action Not Working If Used In First Launch
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