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  1. Reaching new heights 1 down, 199 to go Brakes? Burnt Rubber Your seat is so hot Pimp my helmet 2 drivers one car Speed Demon Try harder Time to change your tires Part car, part plane Nadeo Space Program
  2. Wish I knew before I tried it, thought I would give the Trial ago never tried a Trial on Xbox One and ended up with achievements. Managed to get 190G I feel like you can get a Trackmaster Medal, I just suck and maybe the Reach a height of 1,2km achievement if build a track correctly in the editor, not used it enough to know if that is possible. I won't argue with 190G for free though
  3. Not big into fighting games but seen the retail box a few times and almost picked it up, almost glad I waited. Anyone else notice on the Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition Add-On page on Xbox.com it states "The ultimate KI experience. Includes Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Glacius, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore, 8 costumes, 16 premium accessory packs, and KI Classic game" Another 1000G to get
  4. Seems unlikely, the wireless signal used to connect to the console is different between 360/One its pretty much the reason One needs an adapter for RB4 where as I believe PlayStation doesn't since its just Bluetooth.
  5. Great that some old controllers got supported but anyone still on RB1 stuff kinda got screwed *looks at self* Imagine Wireless Guitar Hero controllers work but even then I've got one that only up strums and another that drops strums, pretty much reasons for not playing any RB in awhile
  6. All Rare titles, sure it has more to do with Rare Replay compared to updated emulation.
  7. Now I'm reading Splinter Cell titles could be coming. Honestly, these 4 titles being talked about "coming" has already aggravated me, assuming it is as easy as Microsoft says every game could be in the works! I'm calling it now Yaris IS COMING! Seriously though it doesn't really seem like news that something might make it into the backwards compatibility program. I get the feeling once this feature launches for everyone new games will go up in batches we won't be seeing like a new game supported daily so really no sense in saying its coming if the date is unknown.
  8. Seems odd Multi Disc games aren't working, I mean the Xbox One is just downloading digital versions of 360 games? I mean even if you throw a 360 disc into the One it doesn't install from the Disc it downloads from LIVE. I don't see the issue, something like L.A. Noire which is 3 discs? has a digital version on 360, just emulate that version on the Xbox One and if someone wants to boot from disc make the Xbox One ask for the first disc. I'm sure there is more going on then I think but if a Multi Disc game has a digital version on 360 I don't see the issue. Edit: Others have pretty much said this, shows what I get for reading the one post saying they are not supported yet.
  9. Well new Rock Band stuff is still same button layout? and hell they trying to make an adapter so can use 360 controllers, tbh if you got a USB Guitar I can't see why the emulated 360 OS couldn't pick it up when plugged into the Xbox One. Either way past achievements you might as well play the latest in the franchise, well at least when it comes to RB4 with it carrying songs over and such.
  10. Always amazes me how Microsoft is not ready for something like this, I mean they know how many codes they sent out! Hopefully the Beta is not DOA.
  11. I keep trying on Xbox.com.
  12. Well ODST did not have Multiplayer unless you can't the Firefight which we aren't getting anyway. I'm all for more achievements, I quite enjoyed ODST on the 360 and would easily play it again but if no achievements to get through the campaign I really don't think I would bother, rather playing something else and get achievements...
  13. I can't even get some people to watch it due to the look of the MC, enjoyable series though and would love a Season 2! almost tempted to start the LNs.
  14. Never got around picked up Horizon 2 despite loving the first, Had heard about this when it was announced but some how missed that its free for 2 weeks, now I'm looking forward to especially if it gives me some achievements to pick up! don't see why it wouldn't Also hitting 360 so will have to stack up on the points
  15. I feel like I read that it got delisted from live.
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