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    I'm Sar, 26, Geordie. Drinks Relentless, in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, VGDesigner. Loves LEGO!
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    Newcastle, UK
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    gaming, reading, writing, demon hunting, part time consulting detective *sneaky wink*
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    Consulting Hunter. Duh.

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  1. I never saw this message, I'm so sorry! Thanks a bunch, it means a lot to me. I do free music (and it will stay that way) just because I like making music for others to enjoy! So yeah, I definitely do not mind if you post any of them. It would be nice to see! Thankya! ;D

  2. CEX, Game and Grainger Games, if you're in the UK. Tho all 3 *might* ship outside of the UK. Otherwise there is just eBay =/ maybe keep checking back there, in case there's a cheaper one listed.
  3. I love that game! We (myself & my youngest brother) spent literally weeks doing nothing but throwing ourselves off buildings and swinging about the city lol I need to dig this out again!
  4. I'm more excited for this, than most of the "big" release games lol =/
  5. Singularity's (multiple) endings, I really like that game *shrug* BioShock Infinite, of course. Fallout 3 Dead Space Batman: Arkham City
  6. I love The Rock, but I think having him on the cover is BS =/ he's usually too busy appearing in nearly every current film, to do a whole lot on the wrestling front. I think there's far more deserving (and full-time) wrestlers that could/should be on the cover. Just my opinion, of course =)
  7. Love BDM & Nile =) Paramore not so much, but I imagine it'll be quite good, plus Hayley is stunning. Enjoy, and pop back to let me know how they all went!
  8. I kind of hate you now =p let me know what it was like! =)
  9. I say 1, in general. Once I've finished the campaign (whatever difficulty, however many times), I count that as 'completed'. But, if I really love the game, I don't count it as completed, until it's 1k'd (or however much with the DLC) and I've seen all endings.
  10. Plants VS Zombies, I seriously adore that game ^_^ TellTale's Walking Dead is amazing too.
  11. I'd love sequels to Blur (I really loved that game, so much fun. Sure the studio was closed down though?), Far Cry 3, Bulletstorm, Heavy Rain, Tomb Raider (the latest one).
  12. This is really sad, but I'm addicted to TeamLava's Restaurant Story & Bakery Story - please don't judge me too hard lol. Anyone else play either? I play on my iPod, as I never pay my phone bill >.< if anyone does play, I'm 'harhtuhgram' on both. Add me as a neighbour ^_^
  13. I have the same problem with my XB360, and my brother has this problem too. We've found that switching the console on as usual, and when the sign in screen - with your avatar on it - comes up, shut the console off, then switch back on, and it works fine after that. Annoying, but it works for us.
  14. I'm HerEvilRoyalty on PSN, primarily play Killzone 2&3 & MAG MP wise =)
  15. Speed Freaks, first Spyro game (I love that little guy), Kingdom Hearts, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2.
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