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  1. I give it a 6 because most achievements are simple and straightforward, with only a few actually requiring specific skills, and/or requiring any real setup. Trolling is probably the most difficult to obtain, simply because of the sparsity of ologs in the areas, and the general melee of combat. However, as im hitting 100 percent completion in about 3 weeks, playing around 100 hrs total, +/-, the achievements are still on the simpler side.
  2. An easier way of dealing with the overlords and his minions, especially in online conquest, is to summon a graug when you get into the overlords chamber. It's a distraction for the mob, allowing you to fight almost exclusively with the overlord. Also summoning your bodyguard helps too.
  3. When I say mod gear, I'm talking about items with starts that would never normally exist in the game. Items that would make you a GOD. Weapons that do 10 mil DPS, armors with 50 mil def. Stuff like that.
  4. Since this game is designed much like Diablo 3, I find myself wondering if there is any mod gear available for this game. While not necessary, it would be fun, IMO, to slaughter massive hordes in seconds without dying on higher difficulties. Mod gear would also help with legendary item farming. Anyone have any idea if mod gear is available?
  5. I'm looking to buy an unlocked copy of the west coast customs logo on forza 4. If anyone is interested, let me know. I have plenty of CR.
  6. if i join a world created by someone else, is there any way that i can keep what is in my inventory, and bring it back to my own world to use? or is this not possible in minecraft?
  7. Just popped 3 achievements with this glitch on 8/26/15. Got 'sniper duel', 'return to sender', and 'DIAMONDS'. Has anyone got this glitch to repeat at all??
  8. The pop-up hints in the game say that assassination kills don't affect your stealth grade per section; meaning you can still get gold even with an assassination kill. Just don't get spotted or get into open conflict.
  9. I downloaded the game this morning, and started playing this afternoon, and I gotta say its pretty good. Graphics seems to remind me a lot of the movie 300, and gameplay is smooth. There isn't a lot of freedom of movement compared to titles like Unity and Black Flag, but for a 2.5D side-scroll, its pretty good. Haven't found any bugs yet (hopefully won't), but I think this might be a winner, especially with the low price tag. Just my two cents.
  10. I can help anyone get the colorist achievement. Send me a msg on Xbox live. I'm also looking for help getting the fowl player achievement. GT: slasherxl
  11. I have some mod gear on hardcore. Some of it is lvl 1use, most is usable by lvl 15. The gear is built toward a monk or wizard, so... GT: slasherxl
  12. Looking for people to play hardcore with. Currently lvl 48, need to complete A5 in campaign. GT: slasherxl
  13. its not possible to play diablo 3 vanilla with ROS players. even though the ROS is an expansion for D3, they are two separate games.
  14. ISO: lightning triumvirate, OP monk and crusader gear. I got some good gear willing to dupe. GT: slasherxl Edit: also looking for any modded gear in HARDCORE, preferably that can be used with lvl 45 or lower.
  15. i wonder if the power leveling trick works on ROS like it does on D3 vanilla
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