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  1. I have this game if anyone is still looking to boost the achievements. Message me and we can set up a time.
  2. Anyone still looking to boost this? GT Billamus. Hit me up
  3. I have to agree I think for the same cost I will be going with the Xbox One version over the 360, even though my Xbox one is not seeing much love right now.
  4. I play alot of coop games and am always down to boost achievements. Add me if you are in need of another player for any specific task. I own all games on my tag that aren't completed. GT Billamus
  5. I am very saddened by the box so far. It looks good and has some good features, but I only have 5 games that I want for it and I got them all. It takes forever to install all the games, I cant manage my memory, have to stream everything and some of the basic UI features blow. Example: it is not easy anymore to check my achievements, I have to essentially dashboard out check my notifications then return to the game. That stinks. I also cant just terminate out of some apps. I have to open up another app then go back and close the first app out. I would like to see or know how to set it up where the apps close easily and quite possibly upon exit. I like some things and dislike others. I am hopeful that future updates will enhance the interface in order to make it more user friendly.
  6. I agree, the internet speeds vary quite a bit and all of my games had to be installed and then an update added. It is a bummer to have to wait for 30 minutes once you unwrap your new game just to play it. I understand what they are trying to do, but if they are gonna require everyone have a broadband high speed connection then that is just wishful thinking on their part.
  7. How long is the vault hunter pack free for, anyone know?
  8. I would like to set up some sessions for boosting this, is anyone still interested?
  9. Welcome to the site, feel free to add me if you are in need of a boosting partner. I play all types of games and am generally down to boost, (gamertag: Billamus). Welcome to the site, you wont find a better group of people.
  10. hit me up and I can help you boost whatever we still can
  11. I would love to see a Halo HD collection all the games from Halo CE to Halo4
  12. Anyone seen when this is scheduled for release. Last I heard it got pushed back, that still the same?
  13. I agree, nowadays it is all about the game content for me than the processor speed. Who cares if it has an awesome processor if there are not any good games to need the speed. Xbox has been able to release great games and sony has only had a handful. gimme great games and experience and I will gladly settle for less under the hood. How many v6 engines beat v8s? It is all a matter of tuning. Just my opinion
  14. Welcome to the site and feel free to add me if you need someone to boost with.
  15. It is a pain to set up a server on minecraft. Once you do, however, then it is super easy to get friends in and have a blast. I prefer playing in a game on the xbox just because it is easier but the PC has a lot more mods and things that really make the game interesting.
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