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  1. So....I've been using DFME for a low-impact cardio workout. It's actually been pretty good for that, but I'm left with two questions: The first one is that I have a few songs in the Song Library/List that have Goals which have a requirement of STARTING in the Pink or Green color mix. How in the heck do you start in a different colored mix? The game has never shown me this and I can't seem to find out how anywhere online! And my second question....I'm a relatively big guy. I'm 6'1" and around 225 lbs. (I say around because I'm loosing weight - yay!) But it seems that the Kinect "loses" me quite often while playing this game. Does this happen to anyone else? I've done practically everything except set a light behind the Kinect to face me. (I have a light on above me, not behind me.)
  2. Actually, some levels apparently do have more than 10 minikits. On Bifrosty Reception I have 12, and on Taking Liberties & Magnetic Personality I have 11 (each).
  3. Ok, so my group & I are able to get Jimmy to spawn (in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve w/Doctor's Orders), but we're running into a wee-bit of a problem - On the first time thru, we got Jimmy to spawn in the room with the 4 boxes & large red chest, but 1 of our 3-man group did not get the count for the kill. (I and our other teammate got the count.) On the next run-thru, he spawned from a locker right outside the Slaughter Dome. None of us got the count for his kill. We know that it was Jimmy Jenkins and not a mini-loader. Anyone else having this problem or know why it's happening?
  4. So I did one LATE "last night" (2:30am PT) and one this morning....had no problems. It was probably due to server overload.
  5. Yeah, I tried that. A couple of times (since starting this post). Unfortunately, not only did it not work - every time it went to "Enumerating DLC Content" it kept taking longer & longer to get through. Thank you, though; it was a good 1st step for troubleshooting. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow & then try the other two. I'll update this posting then to show whether or not I was able to download them.
  6. That was one thing I forgot to add - none of the previous DLCs were listed in the 2 profiles that can not download TTAoDK.
  7. So, here's the setup....within the same house: DSL internet connection - 3 Xboxes Cable Internet connection - 2 Xboxes 4 profiles on Family Gold (all 3 on DSL, 1 on Cable) 1 profile individual Gold Membership (on Cable) 1 Xbox on Cable doesn't play Borderlands. 1 Xbox on Cable successfully downloads Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. 1 Xbox on DSL successfully downloads TTAoDK. 2 XBoxs on DSL don't even list TTAoDK within the Downloads section of the game. All playing profiles have Season Pass and all other DLC installed (including compatability pack). Attempts to download were made individually on DSL connection so as not to slow down the downloading process. Attempted to see if TTAoDK would show up on a profile that doesn't list it on DSL Xbox that did download it - an empty listing with "New" on it showed at the top of the download list. Anyone else having problems? Any ideas? Or should I just wait to download the other 2 profiles' DLC later (after the onlsaught of players downloading it dies down a bit)? Cronniss
  8. I've been getting that intermittently on multiple xboxes with multiple profiles. I have no idea what it is about.
  9. Ok, so I know that thread is old...so I apologize for raising it from the dead; however, I just started playing Fable III. (Got it for free from the XBLA Free Game GiveAway for the summer.) Anywhoo... Don't quite understand this one, but I got 3 STDs from 2 women in 1 sexual encounter...that ended up having a child. 1 was my wife...but I don't know which one had the baby.
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