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  1. Your assumption would be correct, as I too thought the same thing.
  2. My friend and I were able to finish this.
  3. Collectibles are saved to that set save file, so regardless of whether you get them in single or co-op, where applicable, they'll be counted as collected. Thus, if all you need are the co-op collectibles on a save file you won't have to worry about getting all the single player ones again. As you've noted different game modes have different saves, so for the greatest ease just do all your collecting on your "Standard" game save.
  4. I rented the game from Gamefly and had no problems, so you should be good Marty. You should be able to find and download the online pass in game. On the start screen after choosing your game mode you should have an option for downloadable content. The online pass will be located here and can be downloaded for free. In regards to the mission there is no split screen, to my knowledge, so you'll need to find a buddy. Try to play as Carver if you can, as the player doing so gets to "see" things that Issac doesn't.
  5. I looking for a partner for Battle Buds and Pacific Partnership. If interested please send a message. Thanks for your time. GT - Remeki
  6. I need a partner for the four wasteland achievements as well the two racing ones. If interested please send a message. Thanks for your time. GT : Remeki
  7. My partner and I are looking for a third, and if lucky forth, player to help finish the normal/hardcore challenges. If interested please send a message. GT : Remeki
  8. Edit- All finished, but a special thanks to Decoy and Bouncing for the good times !
  9. I had the greatest success getting rare items via Ex Stealing them. Niel's level 2 extra skill, Imprisoned Strike, works quite well. Tetora's level 1 extra skill, Round Ripper, can also work, although I only ever used Niel.
  10. What you're playing is digest mode, which is the first Record of Agarest, minus the red dot battles. You'll always get the true end for it, regardless of the choices you make, and the brides are preset as well. There are five generations to play though, as well as the post game content, so it's hard to give you an accurate estimate of how long it is, as mileage varies by player. Zero has the boundry's edge, a post game zone available for getting the true end. The boundry plane is the same thing for the original Agarest, although to access the vast majority of it you'll need to have cleared the boundry's edge first.
  11. I'm interested in boosting the DLC maps as well as levels. GT is Remeki.
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